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Relationships are important to all of us and equally, they should be healthy ones. However, it's just as important to know who we're dealing with and how to cope when things go wrong. We're an imperfect society but we all want love. Am I right?

mother daughter looking down on mom with headwrap

Activities That Encourage Attachment Between Parent and Child 

What kind of activities that encourage attachment do you favor? There are so many to choose from it could be confusing and tiring at the same time. You want to do something that shows...
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How Coronavirus Has Changed Online Dating Scene

The online dating scene has changed since the Coronavirus pandemic swept the nation. Millions of businesses and normal activities are affected, and the world of dating was not spared. Communication, which is a basic...
a prayer to receive revelation of righteousness 1071670187

Praying for a Future Husband? Be Specific!

Praying for a future husband is a personal ritual but praying period will help you mature in the Christian faith and draw you closer to God. It isn’t only for your needs, but for...
3 black women sitting on sofa with laptops photo by PICHA Stock

Manipulated by Your Adult Child? Things Can Get Messy

Are you manipulated by your adult child? Parents are supposed to be protectors and providers not enablers. Sometimes that means dishing out money to adult children. Unfortunately, they ask too many times for favors...
couples who look alike

Twin Flames: Signs You Have Met Your Twin Soul

What are twin flames? Well, let me ask you this: Have you ever met someone and you felt like time stopped or slowed down enough so there was hardly any movement at all? I...
should my husband come before my family sitting on sofa photo by August de Richelieu pexels photo 4260644

Should My Husband Come Before My Family?

Should my husband come before my family? It's a difficult decision and no one should have to make it. When your spouse doesn’t put you first like you do them, it hurts. I know...
woman in bed with red phone texting photo by cottonbro pexels photo 4046155

He Doesn’t Call Me Anymore and I Just Don’t Get It

Don’t you hate it when you’re minding your own business and someone comes along and disturbs your groove? Now you’re sitting there wondering why he doesn’t call me anymore when you didn't have this...
What Does it Mean When a Guy Asks What You’re Wearing? Black woman on phone Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What Does it Mean When a Guy Asks What You’re Wearing?

I bet there are times when you wonder what does it mean when a guy asks what you’re wearing?” And now that we've actually met Jake from State Farm, a lot of women are...

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