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Relationships as a single mom can be few and far between, but why? You're one smart cookie... classy but outspoken, have a small circle and you're gorgeous. You'd think this woman would be either dating or in a relationship....
If you ask most Jamaican women, they will tell you Jamaican men are control freaks and just to be nice, we’ll apply the word “promiscuous.” However, that description fits a number of brothers so it’s not strictly a cultural...
It's important you support your partner building their career. You may have to take turns, however, if both of you have dreams. Be that as it may, it's not uncommon in relationships for only one partner to have strong...
How can you spruce up your relationship? What’s the key to a happy relationship? Some may say it’s adventure, others claim it’s good communication, while the majority of people opt for the simple and humble answer — unconditional love. The...
She's not the one, bruh.  I'm sorry, but she's not. In a perfect world, you find a girl, you ask her out on a date, fall in love, and she may not be the one you see in a...
A relationship without titles... what does that mean, man, and how do I benefit from it?  Do Relationships Really Require A Title? I feel all people learned at an early age to see everything two-ways. One, how you personally see it,...
Who's more important the wife or the mother? As a man, there’s one question we all dread being asked.  It's a question that makes men sweat, raises every pair of eyebrows in the house, and makes us pray the...
How men react to divorce is nothing short of pure chaos. Where even the calm demeanor of men could fall deep into a sea of self-loathing, depression, or even into a dark, fiery rage. How do men react to breakups when...

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