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emotionally unavailable men - ebony man and woman staring in each other's eyes

Relationship Advice for Women Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

Is dating emotionally unavailable men a thing? It was the first question I had to ask before writing this blog. The answer is “Absolutely!” I don't know of anyone, including married couples, who haven't...
Dating the Wrong Woman Red X Marked X Couple Stamped Stigma Hands

Don’t Waste Your Time! 8 Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Woman

Let's face it, every man can recall dating the wrong woman. It's the haunting nightmare that carried beyond its expiration date (the wrong woman 2013) yet, you live to tell the fellas about it.  You...
She's a keeper Love Holiday Couple Couples Romantic People

13 Things She Does That Show You She’s a Keeper

Thinking about making a commitment? She's a keeper if all your friends like and trust her. It’s important to understand just how amazing your girlfriend is. And I’m not talking about things like her letting...
What Does it Mean When a Guy Asks What You’re Wearing? Black woman on phone Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

What Does it Mean When a Guy Asks What You’re Wearing?

I bet there are times when you wonder what does it mean when a guy asks what you’re wearing?” And now that we've actually met Jake from State Farm, a lot of women are...
she's not the one -- A red broken heart on a black chalkboard

Realizing She’s Not The One: 5 Guilt Free Signs

She's not the one, bruh.  I'm sorry, but she's not. In a perfect world, you find a girl, you ask her out on a date, fall in love, and she may not be the...
Who's more important the wife or the mother

Who’s More Important; The Wife or The Mother?

Who's more important the wife or the mother? As a man, there’s one question we all dread being asked.  It's a question that makes men sweat, raises every pair of eyebrows in the house,...
Why do men settle for less? Is this the African American couple of the year? I think not.

Why Men Settle for Less in Relationships

Why Men Settle for Less in Relationships Men settle for less in relationships as well as women settle for a man. I've seen it for my own eyes. There are plenty of men who want...
black woman pushing man into water

What Makes a Man Fall in Love? Asking for a Friend

What is it that makes a man fall in love? Is it in the stars... in the air? Is it the way she cooks? (Lord help me if it is. Hahaha!) Could it be...

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