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What happens when women cheat? How do men react when it does occur? Well, men will tell you there’s nothing worse than finding out your woman is cheating on you. I know firsthand what that’s like.  You're sitting there...
She's not the one, bruh.  I'm sorry, but she's not. In a perfect world, you find a girl, you ask her out on a date, fall in love, and she may not be the one you see in a...
Thinking about making a commitment? She's a keeper if all your friends like and trust her. It’s important to understand just how amazing your girlfriend is. And I’m not talking about things like her letting you sleep with her; I’m...
How men react to divorce is nothing short of pure chaos. Where even the calm demeanor of men could fall deep into a sea of self-loathing, depression, or even into a dark, fiery rage. How do men react to breakups when...
Breakups are never easy, but somehow society dictates how women and men react to breakups, and the results say it will be complete opposites. How Do Men Feel About Breakups? Women have always been accused of being the emotional ones. They...
A relationship without titles... what does that mean, man, and how do I benefit from it?  Do Relationships Really Require A Title? I feel all people learned at an early age to see everything two-ways. One, how you personally see it,...

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