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Beware of Relationships Moving too Fast. couple holding hands by the lake

The Truth About Relationships Moving Too Fast

Sure, everyone wants love and to be in a relationship, including me, but sometimes, relationships give me anxiety. Yeah, I tend to ghost, especially in those relationships moving too fast. Dating, falling in love and...
when a guy calls you sexy photo by 2382418-800x600-[DesktopNexus.com]

What it Really Means When a Guy Calls You Sexy

When a guy calls you sexy, what is he really saying? Do you argue or just take the compliment? I think women should take the compliment no matter what they are feeling about themselves...
Loving Ways to Support Your Partner Building Their Career

Loving Ways to Support Your Partner Building Their Career

It's important you support your partner building their career. You may have to take turns, however, if both of you have dreams. Be that as it may, it's not uncommon in relationships for only...

The Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Sneaker

Looking for the perfect present for your dude? Ron Pleng has a couple of ideas... you know from a guys perspective. He suggests the Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” sneaker as the ideal present...
5 Super Easy Whiskey Tasting Etiquette Tips

5 Super Easy Whiskey Tasting Etiquette Tips

They say this is a man's world, and if that's right, you're going to need to know something about drinking. Where I'm from, men drink whiskey right out of the bottle. However, you don't...
Spruce Up Your Relationship With a Simple Outdoor Project

Spruce Up Your Relationship With a Simple Outdoor Project

How can you spruce up your relationship? What’s the key to a happy relationship? Some may say it’s adventure, others claim it’s good communication, while the majority of people opt for the simple and...
black woman pushing man into water

What Makes a Man Fall in Love? Asking for a Friend

What is it that makes a man fall in love? Is it in the stars... in the air? Is it the way she cooks? (Lord help me if it is. Hahaha!) Could it be...
emotionally unavailable men - ebony man and woman staring in each other's eyes

Relationship Advice for Women Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men

Is dating emotionally unavailable men a thing? It was the first question I had to ask before writing this blog. The answer is “Absolutely!” I don't know of anyone, including married couples, who haven't...

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