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Relationships are important to all of us and equally, they should be healthy ones. However, it's just as important to know who we're dealing with and how to cope when things go wrong. We're an imperfect society but we all want love. Am I right?

black woman at pool behance tropical heat

Did You Think Pursuing a Guarded Woman Was Easy?

Who's had a perfect relationship? Probably no one, not even those who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Although relationships are tough, nobody wants to live all their lives being single. But if you're...
pretty woman with histrionic behavior big breast and a big booty in jeans

Loving Someone With Histrionic Behavior

Histrionic behavior... you probably know someone or in a relationship with someone who has a histrionic personality disorder and not realize it. If this is you, then you know loving someone with histrionic behavior...
Jamaican man cheat blonde young woman touching his boyfriend s chin 23 2148151945

Why Do Jamaican Men Cheat On Good Women?

Why do Jamaican men cheat or any other man for that matter? The truth of the matter is when it comes to sexual behavior, if a woman or man wants to cheat, that's exactly...
Why Do Men Cheat With Ugly Women? The Answer is Right Here! Man on the phone

Why Do Men Cheat With Ugly Women? The Answer Right Here!

Men cheat with ugly women for several reasons but there's one answer everybody agrees with and it's not a very pretty one. I've been cheated on with a dumb girl before, but not an...
Let's Talk About Unhealthy Father-Daughter Relationships

Let’s Talk About Unhealthy Father-Daughter Relationships

Do you suspect unhealthy father-daughter relationships in your family? It's one thing to think it, and another to prove it. Proving it can be difficult and disturbing for everyone involved. As an adult, I'm...
10 Obvious Signs He’s Stringing You Along smiling-woman-using-smartphone_53876-14728-min

10 Obvious Signs He’s Stringing You Along

10 Obvious Signs He’s Stringing You Along He said he didn't want to give the relationship a title, but what's really happening is he's stringing you along, girlfriend. I know... when you met this guy,...
Young needy man hugging his pillow beside a clock

How to Deal With a Needy Man? Read These Tips and Tactics!

The needy man is a man who simply feels he needs a woman to be complete. This man is likely shy, controlling or annoying, at least to some degree. Signs of a Needy Man More often,...
Pretty portrait of couple, invisible man dating without commitment

Dating Without Commitment: Tips About Casual Dating You Need To Know

Dating without commitment seems to be the thing right now. It's amazing how many of us choose casual dating over fidelity! When the person you care about says the last thing they think about...

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