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Relationships are important to all of us and equally, they should be healthy ones. However, it's just as important to know who we're dealing with and how to cope when things go wrong. We're an imperfect society but we all want love. Am I right?

Living With Someone Who Works from Home

Living With Someone Who Works from Home

Most people are afraid of losing the things most precious to them, and sometimes we take such things as love and personal space for granted. Right now, millions are trying to figure out how...
Coronavirus Could Cause Divorce Rates to Rise black woman upset crying claudia wolff owBcefxgrIE unsplash 900x600 1

Coronavirus Could Cause Divorce Rates to Rise

The Global Times reports the coronavirus could cause divorce rates to rise. With the outbreak locking down families, relationships are suffering. Discord and confinement are 2 of the top 3 reasons for divorce. Mostly,...
You and your partner could have coronavirus black man with mask

You and Your Partner Could Have Coronavirus

Your partner could have coronavirus, and so could you. How many people have coronavirus? Just thinking about the possibility sends chills up my spine. It's normal to worry and stress out about a situation...
black military man with beautiful woman in floppy hat pexels photo 3282453

Signs of a Good Husband and How to Find a Good Guy

Most women confess to wanting to marry a man who's amazing, yet they do not know the true signs of a good husband. If we are honest, some dream of a man who is...
black love man with arm around girl

Should Married Women Have Other Male Friends?

Married women have other male friends, but is it cool? Can married men and women be friends? It's been my experience that married woman male friend relationships happen all the time. Men and women...
Guarded woman pulls away black woman white black headscarf pexels photo Bashir Olawoyin

What To Do When A Guarded Woman Pulls Away?

When a guarded woman pulls away, it's devastating to the man falling for here. It's difficult to know what happened because yesterday everything appeared to be fine. Today, she isn't returning text messages or...
Slim Emcee (UG) the poet Truth_From_Africa_Photography couple at park man holding cup woman on phone

How Can Men Break the Cycle of Failed Relationships?

It takes years to build a solid relationship but you can destroy it in a lot less time. Some men even develop a cycle of failed relationships and don't even see the pattern. It's...
What do you think about free dating apps?

Best Free Dating Apps 2019: Hookups Included

Dating is not what it used to be or at least, the way people date online. You don't have to sit in front of the computer anymore. Mobile dating apps are the trend now...

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