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Personal care is extremely important to our self-esteem. When we look good, we feel good. Taking care of our bodies, in and out, is critical to our moods, health conditions, plus how we look determines how people treat us initially.

Women over 50 black female natural hair photo by Eben Odonkor pexels photo 2951443

Women Over 50 Tell How To Look 10 Years Younger

Women over 50 tell how to look 10 years younger to women who are perhaps feeling insecure about aging. Growing older is not a bad thing and you should embrace every stage of your...
black woman natural hair sitting in grasss photo by Jorge Fakhouri Fillho pexels 2

Brighten Skin Care! How to Renew Your Face Naturally

Many women face the fact they are aging every day. They see the damage the environment has done and wonder what can they do to turn back the hands of time. One of the...
men over age 50 - seniors royalty free image 1583529890

Important Health Tips for Men Over Age 50

Men over age 50 don't sweat as much. The body dries up between the ages of 57 and 86. It will most likely contain only 54% water, compared to 61% in younger males. Your...
Man taking a relationship break by the cean 640x360 1

Are You Serious? A Relationship Break… Who Does That?

For those of you who think a relationship break is crazy, think again! Even if you’re in a relationship with the perfect person, you could still want a break from your significant other. This...
Gray Hair… Is It Still A Thing? gray hair photo by Caio Cardenas pexels photo 2101849

Gray Hair… Is It Still A Thing?

Gray hair is likely one controversial topic among women who naturally have gray hair color and those who are dying their strands gray! I know you're thinking gray hair? Who wants that? It's a...
African american woman is sitting thoughtfully managing anxiety and depression

COVID-19: Managing Anxiety and Depression

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), "The outbreak of COVID-19 will be stressful." The coronavirus will cause strong emotions in both adults and children. When a person is effectively...
self love Woman posting to image board

Self Love: Never Improve Yourself Just to Find a Man

Self love is above all love. If you cannot find it in your heart to improve yourself for you, you mustn’t try so for another person. We are often critical about ourselves, especially after...
11 Beauty trends you’ll be obsessed with! photo 5748246

11 Beauty trends you’ll be obsessed with!

Beauty trends - today's fashion and beauty engulfs a whole array of runway makeup looks, dos and don’ts of makeup application, skin care, hair care, new hairstyles, nail art and the list is endless. As...

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