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Personal care is extremely important to our self-esteem. When we look good, we feel good. Taking care of our bodies, in and out, is critical to our moods, health conditions, plus how we look determines how people treat us initially.

DIY Skincare remedies black woman wearing a golden eye mask

DIY Skin Care Remedies vs Over-the-Counter Skin Care Products

DIY skin care remedies are often equal if not better than over-the-counter products. I know rather than make homemade skin care remedies, it's most comfortable for us to walk into Belk's, Dillard's, Macy's or...
Yoga for the Bedroom May Boost Your Relationship seated medition

Yoga for the Bedroom May Boost Your Relationship

Are you into Yoga at all? What about sex? If you answered yes to those questions, it's about time you started practicing yoga for the bedroom. No matter what you think about it, sex...
Improve dry and ashy skin on this beautiful brown skin woman in a red dress, natural hair

Apply These 7 Simple Techniques To Improve Dry and Ashy Skin

Improve dry and ashy skin before you get caught in an embarrassing situation. Do you sometimes wonder why does your skin still appear to be dry or ashy after you just poured on dry...
Why Are Men Attracted to Women's Buttocks? Woman exercising her buttocks

Why Are Men Attracted to Women’s Buttocks?

Okay... I'll bite: Why are men attracted to women's buttocks? Some of them are unrealistically huge. Researchers are not sure what most men are thinking of when it comes to the gluteus maximus, gluteus...
What Makes a Man The Most Handsome Man in the World? There are many qualities but they come from the inside.

What Makes a Man The Most Handsome Man in the World?

What causes attraction? It depends on what your preference is whether you think he is the most handsome man in the world or not, but there are still some generalizations we can all agree...
9 Ways to Get Rid of Dark or Black Lips Naturally woman wearing pink blindfold and pink lipstick

9 Ways to Get Rid of Dark or Black Lips Naturally

What causes dark or black lips? Smoking is one of the common causes of dark lips because of the nicotine in them. Along with coffee and tea, vitamin deficiencies can lead to lip discoloration, too....
Worst foods for Women Cake Americano Table Coffee Dessert On The Table

Worst Foods for Women of Color and Their Skin

Some of the worst foods for women are the foods we love.  Why does it have to be this way?!!! It's a shame but sometimes we don't even know it's the food we eat...
planking form-426165-unsplash

6 Indoor Cardio Exercises for Any Weather

Cardio exercises are great for one of the most needed organs in the body... the heart, but who wants to work out in the cold, rain or humid weather? Almost no one! However, the...

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