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Personal care is extremely important to our self-esteem. When we look good, we feel good. Taking care of our bodies, in and out, is critical to our moods, health conditions, plus how we look determines how people treat us initially.

the aging process - Beautiful lady with young looking features and natural hair

Black Beauty: Baby Boomers are Slaying the Aging Process

The aging process, no matter how well we take care of ourselves, is going to happen. When I turned 50, I had to pinch myself and take it in for a bit. It was...
DIY Skincare remedies black woman wearing a golden eye mask

DIY Skin Care Remedies vs Over-the-Counter Skin Care Products

DIY skin care remedies are often equal if not better than over-the-counter products. I know rather than make homemade skin care remedies, it's most comfortable for us to walk into Belk's, Dillard's, Macy's or...
depression young-attractive-woman-making-namaste-gesture_1163-4064

Depression: Is the Cure in Your Spiritually?

Disclaimer: This blog was not written by a licensed therapist. Mary Ambrose is a compassionate CPA/MBA, banker, blogger, and entrepreneur. She is the creator of Queens Domania designed to help women achieve financial independence...
natural makeup bloggers beautiful hispanic woman long black hair

3 Natural Makeup Bloggers You Need To Google

Okay, ladies, the natural makeup bloggers have returned with organic makeup reviews. In light of this, we all should know more about natural cures. These remedies are healthier than the chemicals in our prescriptions,...
Skin care Ingredients Women of color over 50 having coffee

3 Skin Care Ingredients Women of Color Should Avoid

There are 3 skin care ingredients women of color should avoid and we're going to talk about them.  You may be surprised to find them in your makeup drawer.  When you do, throw them...
Gorditas Are Tempting But We’re Not Talking About Food

Gorditas Are Tempting But We’re Not Talking About Food

Gorditas, translated as "fatty," or a "little fat," is not an insult; it is a nickname people call Mexican women with affection in Latin America, but especially in Mexico. It really is, look at...
Women of Color shades photo by Bestbe Models pexels photo 2301283

Women of Color: What Are The Differences in Ethnic Skin?

The differences in ethnic skin have plagued us for years. Have you ever wondered why some women of color in certain parts of the world look flawless? What is the difference that makes Asian...
Grow Your Brows and Lashes with Jamaican Black Castor Oil Jamaican Black Castor Oil for brows, lashes and beards.

Grow Your Brows and Lashes with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Grow your brows and lashes with Jamaican Black Castor oil.  But hold up, wait... Did you know you can grow your man's beard with Jamaican Black Castor Oil? Well, you can! It's a fact...

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