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Next level career Training Learn Coach Workshop Seminar Lighting
Career moves - With the employment industry getting even more competitive, companies now look for extra certifications that confirm your skills, rather than rely solely on your two-year degree, BA, Masters or Ph.D. By obtaining those added features, means you're continuing to further your skills with the latest technology advancements....
best universities - Group of Hispanic girls with green and white bags at college
The best universities strive for diversity, but is every university right for all ethnic backgrounds? Probably not. Hispanics, like African Americans, are minority groups in the U.S. Some Hispanics might consider certain factors when making a choice to attend a specific university like affordability and the graduation rate of...
money or career: plants Work Window Bike Leaves Bicycle Pots
Money or career growth, and what about passion? This is a question we all ask ourselves almost every day. Focusing on a career solely because of the money can lead you down the wrong career path. But career growth can earn you more money so, both aspects are important...
Indra K. Nooyi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, USA; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2008, Davos, Switzerland,Most Powerful Women 01/27/08.
They are some of the most powerful women in the world. These women inspire us as they succeed against all odds and make a name for themselves in amazing ways.  Women are God's gift to man and to mankind!  The most powerful women in the world. We should learn from them, be...
Shonda is a real beauty herself - her smile and her hair is pretty - the both light up the world
Real beauty, they say, comes from within. Over the years, Dove has created organic products which take care of skin aesthetics in a way which no ordinary soap does. Dove’s campaigns have always revolved around bringing out the real beauty while maintaining the moisture and glow of the skin in...
Working Women and Entrepreneurs - Women entrepreneurs gathered at a conference table for a luncheon
Have you ever wondered what the best careers are for aspiring working women and entrepreneurs? There are many choices but in some cultures, women are told how to live their lives and what careers are best suited for them.   Who made this category limiting women to a specific kind...
Black Entrepreneurship: Turning Passions and Hobbies Into Money ty allan red hoodie
We can all agree 2020 was an eye-opener since the last few years were. Because of the events, African American men and women of color should be more open to Black entrepreneurship. Because of the shenanigans of the former presidential administration, it's clear we need to band together. We have...

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