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partner start own business cake cafe owners with open sign 53876 30686
Do you have a partner who wants to start their own business? If so, your unique level of support and positive contribution is critical during this time. In light of this, helping your partner start their own business may require you to learn a few things as well.  Jenn...
pic of woman's tote, tablet, shades
We can all agree the graphic design business is not what it used to be. In review, it's obvious technology gives a significant amount of elbow grease to its success. Graphic designers can achieve exposure worldwide because of it and their advertising and marketing strategies. Additionally, businesses and designers are...
Ericdress Plain Pockets Notched Lapel Pencil Pants Womens Formal Suit
Knowing what interview outfits are appropriate can be difficult at times. I mean, who are the experts when it comes to knowing what young women should wear this spring? I found and consulted a few of them to get some real answers, and personally, I like what they had to say...
Should you trust your manager because he wears a suit and tie
Should you trust your manager in the workplace? Managers are humans and some can be deceitful. Should you trust your manager just because of a title?  Almost everyone has a supervisor, and this person has the important role of moving the team forward, setting goals, ensuring the entire team meets...
Work space, highlighters, laptop, notes, woman's work
Improve your life hacks, everybody's got at least one. This life of ours is only what we make of it. It is up to us women to make adjustments, improvements to make it better or make life run like a fine-tuned machine.   You should do what’s necessary to make...
11 legit ways to make money online Happy businesswoman in a cafe using her laptop
Make money online to supplement your relationship with your bank account. With today’s economy as it is, it never hurts to have a part-time gig and one you can do at home! These money-making ideas are simple to do and free to try. Keep reading to find out if one...
jobs for women Baby in all white sitting in front of a laptop holding a phone to her ear.
Jobs for women - have they increased? Has the situation changed at all? From a young age, women are asked what they want to become when they grow up. Until recently, the usual answers were stereotyped jobs for women; nurse, housewife, or secretary. Nowadays, things have changed as the focus is...
Guitar players are some of the most instrumental players in a band. There are people who play the guitar and they sound good. Then again, you have women who learn to play the guitar and do it well. Consequently, you wind up with some awesome women who play the strings...

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