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financial relief woman with hand extended, holding a ball of money

Obtaining Financial Relief Without Pain and Suffering

Financial relief comes when we quit expecting fast money to get us out of debt, we will be in a better situation. Decide to build...
employment after 50 - Professional women of color at work in the conference room taking notes

Master The Art Of Employment After 50 With These 7 Tips!

So, you’re seeking employment after 50 and you’re worried. Don't be. Plenty of women over 50 are seeking second careers and others need another...
11 legit ways to make money online Happy businesswoman in a cafe using her laptop

Women’s Guide: 11 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online Fast!

Make money online to supplement your relationship with your bank account. With today’s economy as it is, it never hurts to have a part-time...
Work space, highlighters, laptop, notes, woman's work

Lifestyle 101: 5 Incredible Hacks to Improve Your Life

Improve your life hacks, everybody's got at least one. This life of ours is only what we make of it. It is up to...
Shonda is a real beauty herself - her smile and her hair is pretty - the both light up the world

Shonda Rhimes: Dove’s Voice on the Real Beauty Campaign

Real beauty, they say, comes from within. Over the years, Dove has created organic products which take care of skin aesthetics in a way which...
Working Women and Entrepreneurs - Women entrepreneurs gathered at a conference table for a luncheon

3 of the Best Careers for Aspiring Working Women and Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what the best careers are for aspiring working women and entrepreneurs? There are many choices but in some cultures, women...
best universities - Group of Hispanic girls with green and white bags at college

The Best Universities to Attend If You Are Hispanic

The best universities strive for diversity, but is every university right for all ethnic backgrounds? Probably not. Hispanics, like African Americans, are minority groups...
Ericdress Plain Pockets Notched Lapel Pencil Pants Womens Formal Suit

Interview Outfits: What Young Women Should Wear This Spring

Knowing what interview outfits are appropriate can be difficult at times. I mean, who are the experts when it comes to knowing what young women should...

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