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Each lifestyle is different. Some live for fabulous weekends on the water, others fly off to Vegas or to an island somewhere to feast on authentic flavors. And there are people who live quiet, uneventful but fulfilling lives. It's how we live, not what we do, that makes us content with life.  

Living With Someone Who Works from Home

Living With Someone Who Works from Home

Most people are afraid of losing the things most precious to them, and sometimes we take such things as love and personal space for...
A Fall from Grace Frontpage scaled 1

A Fall from Grace: A Netflix Movie Review

A Fall from Grace by actor, writer, and filmmaker Tyler Perry is a heart-wrenching movie featuring some epic performers, including the legendary Cicely...
most hated questions - four woman at the conference room 1181421

My Most Hated Questions: Questions You Hate, Too

Everyone has their pet-peeve and one of mine is I don't like answering questions and I'll tell you why. When you answer one question,...
10 Things to Do in Venice as a Couple or Solo venice italy people in boats walking over bridge 1

10 Things to Do in Venice as a Couple or Solo

Venice, Italy is located along the Adriatic Sea. It's one of the most unimaginable attractions in the world. You couldn't ask for a better...
beautiful black women le jardin behance shae the photographer

Packing List for Jamaica: What to Bring

You finally get the chance to go on the trip of your dreams but the question is what should be on your packing list...
24 Quotes About Life, Relationships, and Successyou got this photo sydney Rae

24 Quotes About Life, Relationships, and Success

Are you going through a breakup? Were you looked over for the promotion for the third time? It's stuff like that which will get...
pexels elevate 1269035

Your Boyfriend is Gay, Girlfriend… I’m Sorry

If you’re honest, you will admit that you think your boyfriend is gay or at least, bisexual. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t...
father's day in jamaica Friends Toasting at Bar

Father’s Day in Jamaica: What a Day to Be Alive!

Father's Day in Jamaica: What a Day to Be Alive! Are you wondering if they celebrate Father's Day in Jamaica? Of course, they do! But...

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