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Each lifestyle is different. Some live for fabulous weekends on the water, others fly off to Vegas or to an island somewhere to feast on authentic flavors. And there are people who live quiet, uneventful but fulfilling lives. It's how we live, not what we do, that makes us content with life.  

girl sitting in convertible car - weekend road trip tips

Tikwiza’s Road Trip Tips

You'll need road trip tips if you're going away for the weekend. Getting the most out of a weekend road trip can be a...
An assortment of Sichuan cuisine

9 Enticing Dishes and the Best Food Cities in the World!

The best food cities could be in places you never dream about. Then again, you would be fortunate to live where they serve some...
young black girl sitting down Indian style

I Knew Everything About Becoming an Adult Until I Turned 21

My parents took care of my school and college fee, necessities, the relations with my family members and practically everything else. College, it had...
Tropical Journey Asia Summer Travel Vacation

Ways To Stay Cool This Summer in South East Asia

I, like many other women of color but especially those living in South East Asia, have honed down ways to stay cool this summer. Having...
fall in love with panama city beach 2

11 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With Panama

I can't really describe why you will fall in love with Panama... I mean, it's a place you have to see for yourself. It's...

Negative Emotions Don’t Live Here Anymore

Negative emotions are just a part of life. Whatever stage of your life you are in, positive and negative emotions will continue to come...
Reinventing Elegance with These Free Decorating Ideas and Tips Reinventing the home can be fun as well as inexpensive

Reinventing Elegance with These Free Decorating Ideas and Tips

Who wants free home decorating ideas?  The right combination of free home decorating ideas in magazines and on Pinterest can lead to a resplendent party...

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