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Each lifestyle is different. Some live for fabulous weekends on the water, others fly off to Vegas or to an island somewhere to feast on authentic flavors. And there are people who live quiet, uneventful but fulfilling lives. It's how we live, not what we do, that makes us content with life.  

generational curses or blessings... God assigns them all.

Generational Curses or Blessings: Are They Hereditary? 

It’s very possible you’ve inherited your family’s nose or your mother’s eyes. It's all based on your ancestors' physical characteristics, but what about generational...
new home for sale house estate = mortgage loan

What Are My Options for a Mortgage Loan? 

So as a new couple, you’re thinking about buying a house. You may already know what a mortgage loan is, but in case it’s...
When you plant a grape seed, expect to reap grapes. alasdair elmes QTgOjDCiJEo unsplash

When Sowing Spiritual and Financial Seeds, Name It!

What does it mean to sow a seed of faith? Are you sowing spiritual and financial seeds? If you are, you may want to...
Apply Daily Meditation to your life and watch how it changes for the better.

How to Meditate and Apply a Daily Meditation Reading

If you're like millions of other people, you want to be happy and will go to great lengths to obtain  this feeling. Perhaps you're...
how often to wash afro hair pexels sora shimazaki 5938540

How Often to Wash Afro Hair? Important Tips Inside!

Does your hair sometimes itch like crazy? How often do you wash afro hair and what do you put on it? To bring out...
pexels cottonbro 4553272

The Power of Visualization Meditation for Success

What is creative visualization meditation? It's purposely visualizing particular changes, events, or situations in order to manifest them into reality. Meditation and visualization are both...
black man with woman and child Image by Brad Dorsey from Pixabay

Has The Role and Importance of Grandparents in Children’s Life Changed?

The fact that grandparents are raising their grandchildren says a lot about the child’s parents. No one knows the importance of grandparents in children's...
the three women in Cuba, cigars, and classic cars

Havana, Cuba, Cigars, and Classic Cars

I went to Havana a few years back, and I fell in love with Cuba, cigars, and classic cars! So when I had the...

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