Wicked Temptations Bridal Boutique & Intimate Apparel







Wicked Temptations is the go-to online catalog for sexy sleepwear and clubwear. This company started way back in 1993 and has been growing since. Of course, retail stores were still printing those bulky catalogs and mailing it to customers and potential customers and the people looked forward to it. 

Nowadays, they use the internet to introduce a new line instead of out of the garage or bedroom. The lingerie company is internationally known and has over 20,000 sq. ft. of merchandise in its warehouse. Being accessible online has made it possible for millions of men and women to take advantage of their sexy lingerie and to save a tree. 

Wicked Temptations take pride in providing a paperless catalog filled with over 6,000 items including men’s wear, leather, and vinyl. They also use recycled plastics and cardboard to help keep the environment safe and the online community in which we live. Getting what you want has never been easier. 

When you find something you’d like to wear, take it to the checkout. The Wicked site accepts the major credit cards, American Express, and US money orders. Short on cash? Sign up for the Wicked Temptations affiliate program to earn extra money.