About 11Ahleven

11Ahleven wants to be your go-to magazine and answer every question a woman of color could ask. The magazine provides relevant tips on how things are done here in the US and abroad. We discuss fashion, personal care, money, careers, relationships, travel, and lifestyles.

11Ahleven works on the premise that women of color have similar pains, goals, beliefs, arguments, goals, and aspirations. Though we are different, women are like-minded people who sadly, are the under-celebrated gender still this day. We make you think, laugh, cry but most of all we inform you… we educate and equally important, we care about you. That’s what we women do here at 11Ahleven.

11Ahleven’s Goals

Our goal is to aspire to a germane online community filled with phenomenal women; sisters, mothers, daughters, and writers in order we break down the barriers of communications.

“Everybody gotta have a dream.” Terrence Howard & Luda Hustle and Flow

The goal of 11Ahleven is to learn about each woman of color and their cultures through the eyes and voices of the feisty women who live the life so that we can charge one another with the responsibility of advancement and growth. After all, it is a woman’s world. Whatever label you put on us, women are the root, the stem and the blossom of significant beginnings.

A Woman’s Work 

Women bear children, we take care of our parents… Women run the households and often, we head departments and lead regions or run our own business or businesses, fix engines, fight during wartime and fly advanced aircraft. By doing these things, women don’t have time to waste, not even for a second, on nonsense. That’s why the team of writers dedicate themselves to you and to anticipating your needs.

We want to inspire and uplift, but we promise to keep it direct, lively and fresh always. It’s our pleasure to bring to you articles that cover a multitude of the issues women of color face individually and at the same time, discover our likenesses and differences. Considering this, the staff commits to publishing articles that immediately affect your world as well as those women at a distance.

11Ahleven’s mission

Our mission is to make you laugh, make you smarter, and most of all, give women of color a voice. It’s time. It’s 11Ahleven.