Jobs for women – have they increased? Has the situation changed at all? From a young age, women are asked what they want to become when they grow up. Until recently, the usual answers were stereotyped jobs for women; nurse, housewife, or secretary.

Nowadays, things have changed as the focus is no longer on a profession, but rather the skills you need to create or move into a job that does not fit into a category, or specified degree.

The shift or focus on technology and social media are shaping the next generation of jobs for women.

Digital geeks: Generation Z

Take, for example, Generation Z. These are individuals born after 1995 and they’ve been brought up in an era as “digital natives.” Their mindset is different, creating a path to new jobs that haven’t been created.

Attending school and obtaining a degree is still very important, but because of the change in technology, social media, and the internet will be where students will get their knowledge from, rather than looking to their teachers or scholar works.

Jobs of the Future

The wave of technological advancement is what will create nontraditional jobs for women of the next generation.

According to a World Economic Forum’s report, “65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.”

Companies are shifting how they advertise and create brands for themselves by using social media to develop an “image” to attract Generation Z.  Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, have all created platforms for the next generation of jobs for women.

It’s important to realize, jobs such as a data scientist, Digital artist, App developer, Virtual Assistant, and Blogger, never existed 20 years ago.  Nonetheless, they are now part of the ongoing employment ladder.

Preparing for future jobs

Jean-Philippe Michael is a career coach who recognizes a profession is not something you can encourage someone to enter. In fact, the focus is on the skills the student wishes to acquire, which will then lead to the profession that they choose.

Jean Believes that by tapping into the individuals’ most valuable talents, the career will be forged through them. With Generation Zs being born into new technology, tapping into their skills through technology is not a difficult task.

It’s important to realize, students are taught how to navigate and to use technology in their everyday lives. They learn by focusing on complex problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and learning and mastering technology.

Top future jobs for women

They are likely to stem from the growth of technology in the areas of Business Management, Digital Marketing, Art and design, Medicine, Communication and Media Studies and of course Engineering.

3Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners manage patient care. They either work independently or collaborate with doctors and other NPs. They can provide general health care or work within a specialized field. Nurse Practitioners need a master’s degree as well as a state license.

Women nurse practitioners can earn up to $1,682 weekly or an annual salary of $87,464.


Pharmacists shall dispense medicines prescribed by a doctor. Commonly, pharmacists work in drug stores and grocery store pharmacies, otherwise, they work in a clinical setting or a hospital.

The pharmacist must have a license and own a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Women pharmacists earn a weekly pay of up to $1,902 or an annual pay of $98,904.

1Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information Systems Managers or CISMs coordinate and analyze data related schemes.  Women IT managers may earn a weekly pay of around $1,529 each week, or up to $79,508 yearly on average.

If you are not from Generation Z

What about the generations born before 1995 – the millennials and Generation X? To stay in line with the evolving technology and jobs, millennials and Generation X refocuses on personal growth and career progression.

By gaining new skills or obtaining certifications to take their career to the next level it ensures that those generations are not left behind and that we obtain the best jobs for women with children.

Career coaches are in demand more and more often to help current employees and professionals progress into the next generation of jobs. Take, for example, Kathy Caprino, M.A.

As an internationally recognized career and personal growth coach, her focus has been on training and advancing women globally. Her approach is teaching women how to reclaim passion, power, purpose, and joy in their lives and work.

Kathy has trained entrepreneurs, women in transition and women who have been out of work for some time. She has helped them achieve their goals by using motivating strategies and approaches.

This allows individuals to grow and use their skills to further their profession. Of course, this is with an understanding of where the next generation of jobs for women is. Not only that, but it gives us a sense of hope and focuses for the future.

Jobs for Women

As a millennial, I continue to develop my own skills and ambitions. The digital platform is very hard not to notice in everything that you do. This includes reading this article online and being able to share it on social media!

Do you have any thoughts about what the next jobs for women should be? Let us know what you’re thinking.  Besides, it’s important to us we find out what women think.

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