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Older women dating younger men is not a “thing.”  It’s for real and it’s been around for longer than most of us have been alive.

Why Do Young Men Love Older Women?

Do older women and younger men relationships work? Well, yes, they do.  One of the reasons is obvious but it’s often much more than adult time. It’s because the older woman is simply mature. She has priorities and posting cute pics on social media is probably not one of them.  

One of the consequences of being with a cougar is the appeal may not die… the older woman could end up being his kind of girl or his “type” or preference. Yep, this is what they say about older women dating younger men… it’s addicting!   

Welcome to the Cougar’s World

Cougar dating has inspired songs about older women and younger men so this gives you a good inclination about how popular the concept is. Once you’re with a cougar, you’ll find it extremely difficult to discover what you’re looking for in a young girl.

There’s no better teacher than one who has the experience, such as older women dating younger men. Statistics show the number of older women and younger men marriages are increasing slowly but surely.

But why? Here are a few reasons that tell you why older women dating younger men is a fantastic idea or why they are “superior” to younger enthusiasts.


The cougar’s understanding of herself develops from bits and pieces of exposure coupled with connecting with experienced partners.

She has tried various techniques, plots, and obsessions.

I’m sure the cat entertained herself on many occasions as well, and she’s not scared to express herself or reveal what truly excites her or what turns her off.

If in fact, your young lady friend does not understand what she wants, her partner may leave it for the next man to figure out. Cougars know precisely what they need and which keys to press to get the job done and this is one of the positive minds dating younger men.

You Don’t Have to be a Physic

The cat’s impatient and pauses only to discover the aspirations of their present flame or flames as the case may be. Cougars are an educated species; among the most wanted women because the wildcat knows which areas are best… and the best techniques to wind up the rod and real.

When you have older women dating younger men, these women star in fantasies most men only dream about. What they don’t know, they will find out by any means necessary. Um, yeah, baby! 

Who’s Tripping Over a Number?

The cougar’s rage or cougar age simply means more dimensions were boldly uncovered, of course, with the willing participation of unsuspecting partners. However, there was a time before the marriage vows, they may have had only a few companions.

But after a breakup? This could be a different story as to “ease” the pain, the rings on their bedposts may have moved up substantially.

Practice Makes Perfect Sense

Cougars having experienced long-term affairs and intimacies, provided periods of encounters for her partner(s).

Those images are embedded into the mature woman‘s cerebrum and, whether positively wicked or whether it was the case of wasted junk in his trunk, those memories have developed her skillfulness. With that said, she could probably write the older women and younger men romance novel.

Older Women and Younger Men Online

Can older women and younger men relationships work? EliteSingles completed a study using their 450,000 members and returned results favoring older women and younger men dating.

According to their survey, young men between 20 & 29 desire older women with an age difference of up to 11 years! Cougar dating is surely a sign of the times and equality.

One More Thing About Older Women and Younger Men

If older women and younger men dating bother you, don’t let it get under your skin, let them be. Old men have been dating younger women since the beginning of time and as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, enjoy your life to the fullest.

The May-December couples are not odd couples. Mostly they are happy and flourishing unions, both unafraid of their futures, or failures. It’s life! Focus on positive emotions. It could be worse, you know.

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