5 Guitar Players Who Happen to Be Women

Women become top performers as they can play many instruments themselves, not leaving anything to chance. It's clearly a woman's world on stage as well.

Jennifer Batten on the Beat It tour with Michael Jackson

Guitar players are some of the most instrumental players in a band. There are people who play the guitar and they sound good.

Then again, you have women who learn to play the guitar and do it well. Consequently, you wind up with some awesome women who play the strings off a piece of rosewood!

In a world dominated by men, many women guitarists stand out and up to many of their counterparts. They have just as much ambition, drive, and skill as the men, sometimes crushing their egos into smithereens. Consequently, they go all out, leaving nothing on stage but raw talent.

These extraordinary women pour their souls, hearts, and spirits into their music and into the audiences. These outstanding guitar players who happen to be women, scream, shout, bang their instruments and whip their hair for an unforgettable concert.

It’s exciting just thinking about attending one of their concerts. Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Peter Frampton and Carlos Santana are all inspirations to many guitar players and these ladies are no different.

Keep reading to find out who can play that funky music.  In no certain order, check out who made the top 5 list of the best women guitar players.

Iconic women guitar players

5. Bonnie Raitt

Beale Street Music Fest Image: flickr

Bonnie is untouchable when it comes to strumming the blues, soul, pop, folk, and R&B. She’s crossed the lines and built a reputation as being a favorite among many applauding guitar players in the industry.

As a result, Raitt has several Grammy Awards, an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a list of platinum-selling albums. Yep, she’s good!

4. Nancy Wilson

There would be no evolution without Nancy Wilson during the ’70s and ’80s.  Nancy and her sister, Ann, fell in love with the Beatles and it was pretty much history after that. Nancy Wilson set the mold for many guitarists, but she refuses to be contained in a tiny box.

Besides, the female guitarist did something with her “fingerstyle work in an electric environment” that was powerful and unparalleled. The sisters are an unforgettable team.

3. Orianthi

At a young, tender age of three, Orianthi begins playing the piano and by the time she was six, she picks up the guitar.  The Australian-born electric guitar player had the honor of working with the greats, Carlos Santana and Alice Cooper.

In addition, the star also was supposed to play the guitar for Michael Jackson on the This Is It tour, but MJ died before it could happen. What a life you’ve had, Orianthi.

2. Joan Jett

Guitar player Joan Jett is seemingly a down-to-earth person who loves loud music and who has become an inspiration for other women guitar players. Ultimately, she is the “Queen of Rock n Roll,” and the “Godmother of Punk.”

Although she has a wide range of sounds and influences, she is best known for her cover of the smash song released in 1982, “I Love Rock n’ Roll!” Bet you didn’t know that.  You’re welcome!

1. Jennifer Batten

When others know you’re among the best female guitar players, they call on you. That’s what the legend, Michael Jackson, did when he recorded, “Beat It.”  In fact, Jennifer Batten is responsible for that hollowing and unforgettable guitar solo on several of MJ’s tours.

She started touring with Michael Jackson on the “Bad” world tour, accompanying the megastar on “all three of his record-breaking world concert tours.” She was his lead guitarist for about 10 years. Um, “who’s bad?”

Jennifer’s influencers are none other than Lightnin’ Hopkins and BB King.

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