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Career moves – With the employment industry getting even more competitive, companies now look for extra certifications that confirm your skills, rather than rely solely on your two-year degree, BA, Masters or Ph.D.

By obtaining those added features, means you’re continuing to further your skills with the latest technology advancements.  The more you know, the more valuable you become to a company and even to yourself, especially if you own your own business.

Certifications to advance your career 

Long gone are the days where marketing is done by paper and hard copy. The move to Digital Marketing is the way forward as companies use social media to entice customers, sell products and advertise services.

Career as a Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing is one of the top 10 high paying jobs that does not require an advanced degree and there are hundreds of online courses offering a certification in your area of expertise.

It is important to choose the right certification that will give you the edge, taking your career to the next level with consideration of your company’s goals. Your goals must align with your manager’s and their expectations.  You should know your position and what’s to be expected of you once you advance.

Certification in Digital Marketing

Companies such as Digital Marketer HQ, offer certificates for a variety of specialties where students can complete a full certificate in several disciplines.

With more and more businesses investing and creating larger budgets for marketing, some companies are even keen to pay for their employees to obtain the necessary certificates to take their career to the next level.

Career as a Certified Translator

The globalization of companies and businesses has created a strong need for professionals who can speak more than one language. When someone mentions a translator, one normally considers freelancers without a specific focus. 

ATA Certification is regarded as one of the industry’s most respected and recognized credentials in the field of translating.  Knowing a second language fluently is no longer enough.

It is true most translators start as freelancers, but, more and more translators are choosing a niche, and are now securing jobs in large companies as full-time employees because of the growing need of multilingual employees.

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for translators between 2014-2024 will see an increase of 29%, which is much faster growth than the average job.

The ATA Certification is aimed at elevating professional standards, improving individual performance and of course, recognizing translators who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a quality translation.

Obtaining a certification in translation will also help the translator focus on a niche. In turn, it will allow them to target specific jobs and roles in that area. Therefore, increasing their earnings and making more than current median of $44,788 as of March 31, 2017.

Financial Consultant

Money makes the world go around! With a career as a financial consultant, there is no dip in employment.  The reality is that things are becoming complex in terms of business transactions and the globalization of companies.

Career as a Certified Financial Consultant

As a financial consultant, earning a certification as a Certified Financial Consultant will have many benefits to career growth. The Institute of Financial Consultants states with such a certification, a [prospective] employee has “higher visibility, opportunities, and jobs.”

With having only one Certified Financial Consultant designation, the Institute of Financial Consultants will be the place to obtain that certificate. This will likely propel you as a financial consultant to the next level in your career.

Project Management

Project Management is a very popular job.  It is one that is always in demand with start-up companies, companies looking to expand as well as freelancers.

Project Management Institute Certification

Obtaining a PMI certification from the Project Management Institute will boost your career.   The focus of the certificates offered are to prepare the professional to meet demands of their client’s projects. In addition, allow them to work with employers from across the globe.

Sales Career

Businesses and companies require sales people.  Whether they are managers or sales associates, the key to succeeding is how to market and sell your products.  Like digital marketing professionals (see above), Sales professionals are growing in demand.

Certified Professional Sales Person

Obtaining a certification as a Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) will allow you to understand sales habits.  You will also learn the power of creating and using a “personal identity” to bring out your strengths.

This allows you to master the new social and emotional world of sales, which is now predominantly online.

Hair Stylists – Certification of Hair Colorists

As a hair stylist, simply knowing how to trim, cut, wash, relax or texturize hair is not enough anymore.  With the world evolving on how you look, social media, and celebrities constantly changing the face of fashion, hair stylists are more in demand.

The American Board of Certified Hair Colorists provides certification for candidates to become experts as a hair colorist.


So why obtain a certification to boost your career?  The focus is to obtain not just any certification, but one that will take your career to the next level.  If this is not something affordable, look for grants or even work related duties that will allow you to substitute or gain a certification.  

Often, an internship will return the knowledge to grant a certification in a particular field of study. Continuing your education only advances your career and increases your chances of a good paying job in the future.

Source: Simple Most https://www.simplemost.com/7-professional-certifications-can-help-boost-career/

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