Money or Career, Growth or Passion: Which is Most Important?

While it's true, we all need money to survive, but when it comes to having a job that we're passionate about, work is not a chore anymore.

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Work is good - it helps to pay the bills, but there's got to be more to life!
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Money or career growth, and what about passion? This is a question we all ask ourselves almost every day. Focusing on a career solely because of the money can lead you down the wrong career path.

But career growth can earn you more money so, both aspects are important to consider, but what really makes you happy? 

Work takes up a significant portion of our lives, and if you are in a career because of the money but do not have the passion for that career, in the long run, somewhere along the journey you will ask if this is enough.  

Will this keep you happy until you retire? We suspect not, so where should one start fixing things or how do we start over with a new career choice? Many people are turning their hobbies into successful careers

The experts say most individuals will have two career changes in their lifetime and by the time you reach the point where making a change [money or career] is inevitable, you may still have doubts about making the right decision.  

So, you debate the pros and cons of your current position and often begin to talk yourself into staying in your comfort zone. In light of this, we recommend you find out what’s missing from your current career.

What’s lacking? Money or Career?

If you are currently in a career and feel as though there is something lacking, what should you do? A lot of people will look towards money or career progression to have a comfortable lifestyle. Luckily, if you are in a job, you have time to think about what you want.

It could be a promotion, a pay rise, or you may decide to move on and do something completely different because you can no longer stomach the role you have.

Your passion for life, learning and earning will no doubt be rekindled once you move into something which drives you out of bed, makes you go in early and leave late. Oh yeah, I’ve been there. I loved what I did and I loved the money I made. Money or career? I had them both!

You can be so lucky as I was. How? Take, for example, you started off as a sales associate earning minimum wage. Your day-to-day life is the same day in and day out. But your company provides training to help you understand why your role is important.

You start to develop a deeper understanding of your role and see prospects in moving up to management level. Usually, a leadership role means more responsibility but not always, more money!  

Fortunately, at this point, your focus is not on money but on career progression. The passion you have for the job as a sales associate now evolves.

This is because of the training and understanding of what it really means to work in your position. It is the drive and personal gratification that will get you to that next step. The reward for your hard work is the money. 

Money or Passion?

Almost every job interviewer asks, “Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?” Does anyone really know how to answer this question?

The truth is, probably not, unless they have spoken with the psychic network before coming in to interview or really loves what they are currently practicing.

I remember my first job as a Sales Associate at GAP, a part-time job to earn money while studying. During the interview, I was asked the exact question, and my answer was, “Continuing to be passionate and striving for the best career and job role I have at that moment.”

Of course, I got the job. Moving up and earning more money came easily because I was not only passionate but I was determined to be the best in my role.

This still rings true to this date because I get satisfaction from helping others. I love fashion and the incentives for sales associates are excellent.

Money over passion 

The money will always be a factor when applying for a job or moving into a new career. Nonetheless, passion will always play a part in keeping that role. Eventually, earn the money you believe will give you the life you want.

Anne Burrell, Food Network star, is a prime example of what passion will do for a person as she’s returned to cooking.

She and Phil Casaceli opened a premiere spot in NYC called Phil’s & Anne’s Good Time Lounge. Phil came to her with the real estate deal in mind and Anne thought the mention was perfect timing.

Cooking is something Anne loves… her passion shows in the foods she brings to the table. Check out the rest of the story over at BKMag. In the meantime, keep reading here about other celebrities who are passionate about their work.

There are numerous examples of celebrities who started in one profession but ended up in another. This is mainly because of their unique passion and drives to do what they really wanted.

This, of course, gave them both money or career growth as they continued with their passion in life. Keep reading to find out who is among the luckiest people alive.

Celebrities and their previous jobs 

Kanye West

Kanye West was a Gap sales assistant before becoming a highly paid rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer, family man and no matter if you like him or not, he is a role model.

He is not afraid to be open and honest as well as he is unafraid to take the risks others would not dare speak about in public. It is likely his passion for music, clothing, and design lead him to where he is now, making excessive amounts of money and being his own boss.

J.K. Rowling

The author of the Harry Potter series started off as a secretary working for Amnesty International and now is among the United Kingdom’s best-selling living authors.

Her passion for writing or telling stories made her the successful woman she is today, but only after being fired for daydreaming too much!

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey, known as Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheppard from Grey’s Anatomy, started his career as a juggler and continued to achieve success.

Accustomed to being in front of crowds and audiences, he is now successful in the entertainment industry, but also has a passion for race car driving. Could this be tied to his former life as a juggler?

One wrong turn with either the car or whatever he’s juggling could be detrimental. It’s clear Patrick loves a challenge, money or career and risks. He is still amusing audiences, but with a drive and passion of his own.

Money or Career: Conclusion

As mentioned above, because work takes up a significant part of your life, you must have both a commitment and a passion for your job in addition to pursuing money or career growth, and money may sometimes be secondary to what you want in life.

The most fortunate people alive make a living doing what they were born to do. What’s your passion? Are you enjoying your job as much as you would like? Tell us what drives you out of bed every day.  

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