The Best Universities to Attend If You Are Hispanic

Getting an education has always been a goal for certain ethnic groups and even more of a struggle for ethnic minorities such as Hispanics.

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All universities claim to welcome diversity however, few hold true ethnicity agreements.

The best universities strive for diversity, but is every university right for all ethnic backgrounds? Probably not. Hispanics, like African Americans, are minority groups in the U.S.

Some Hispanics might consider certain factors when making a choice to attend a specific university like affordability and the graduation rate of a particular ethnic group.

Hispanic-friendly universities – meaning universities that strive to ensure the protection of the rights of Hispanics and ensure they receive the same level of education as non-Hispanic students.

The majority of the current Hispanic student population in universities are the first generation in their families to go university.

The best universities that are affordable, provide financial aid to particular minority groups, and have support systems for Hispanics, encouraging graduation, are more likely to attract them to their universities. 

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities represents more than 470 colleges and universities in the U.S., Latin America, Puerto Rico, and Spain, with their aim to assist Hispanics in finding and entering into the best universities which cater for their needs.

It’s likely the best universities for Hispanic would be in a state or town which speaks Spanish as their second language, or where the population is predominately Hispanic.

11 of the best universities for Hispanics

1Florida International University (FL)

With about 61% of the students attending Florida International University being Hispanic, it is one of the best universities to grant bachelor’s degrees to Hispanic undergraduates.

Florida International University also prides itself on being the nation’s Number 1 in awarding bachelor’s and master’s degrees to Hispanic students.

2California State University (CA)

Having one of the largest bachelor and graduate degree universities in the world, California State University has about 60% of its students identified as students of color, including 160,000 Hispanic/Latino.

With 23 campuses and low tuition, California State University gives Hispanics the opportunity to graduate with quality careers, and with a low debt ratio. In addition, the population of Hispanic students continues to grow significantly in the state of California.

3St. Mary’s University of San Antonio (TX)

The population of Hispanics and Latino enrolled as students at St. Mary’s University of San Antonio is approximately 58%.

It is currently ranked as number 21 in the 2017 edition of the Best Colleges in Regional Universities West, with Tuition and Fees set at a cool $28,200 per year (2016-17).

4Universidad de Puerto Rico

The US territory of Puerto Rico has no doubt the highest population of Latinos and is also one of the main public or best universities system in Puerto Rico. 

As the largest and oldest university on the island, Universidad de Puerto Rico has a student population that is 99% Latino, and education is largely provided in Spanish.

5Texas A&M International University

It was 2003 when Texas A&M University decided not to use affirmative action as a part of its admissions process to increase diversity.

Following the University Texas Austin case, Fisher v. the University of Texas, the population of ethnic minorities rose, particularly among Blacks and Hispanics.  The two groups have flooded Texas A&M resulting in more students than the University of Texas, Austin.

6City University of New York–Brooklyn College

With the best universities offering various avenues for financial aid catered for the Hispanic community, such as HACE Scholarships, Hispanic Scholarship and Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship, City University of New York is a great university to attend for Hispanics.

7Miami-Date College

With a Hispanic student body that is approximately 71 percent Latino, Miami-Dade College offers a great environment for Hispanics to get a solid education.

8New Mexico State University

This Hispanic-servicing institution, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico has been recognized as a top university in the U.S. New & World Report Best Colleges for 2016.

9Our Lady of Lake University

Located in San Antonia, Our Lady of Lake University enrolls more than 3,100 students of which 70 percent of its undergraduate students are Hispanic.

It has been ranked 33rd in the West for campus ethnic diversity and has the lowest average debt, according to the U.S. News and World Report rankings 2015.

10University of New Mexico

Located in Albuquerque, 40 percent of the students at this university are Latino, with the university’s law school ranking the highest for Latinos in the U.S.

11University of Texas–El Paso

Boasting an 80 percent student Hispanic base, and a faculty that is 60 percent Hispanic, University of Texas–El Paso is one of the best universities for Latino-friendly schools in the U.S.

In addition, a 2015 Washington Monthly survey, alongside Texas A&M, the university is considered as one of the top 10 national universities.


The choice of universities for any ethnicity is endless and is not limited to the U.S. There are, however, clear factors when considering a university because of your ethnic background as discussed above.

Don’t get me wrong, the best universities such as Stanford, Harvard and Yale are not out of reach for Hispanics, it just means obtaining scholarships, funding and the support to get them through with a degree might be limited and a challenge to some.

Any individual, regardless of their background, should strive to enter a university where they will get the education they deserve regardless of any restrictions and historical challenges they may face.

Source: Best Colleges for Hispanic Students

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