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Women of color have a natural dark tone and certain chemicals in make-up, facial washes and scrubs will take that away.

There are 3 skin care ingredients women of color should avoid and we’re going to talk about them.  You may be surprised to find them in your makeup drawer.  When you do, throw them out!

Women of color do plenty to make their skin glow and stay looking young but can you imagine the ingredients put in skin care products that the manufacturers don’t tell us about or how it can damage our radiant skin?

Better yet; they do list them, but we don’t know what the ingredients mean or we are just unaware of the damage they are capable of doing.

Before You Buy New Skin Care Products 

If you are looking to buy a new product, ask yourself is it because the old one is creating havoc on your skin? This is something worthwhile to think about, isn’t it?

Just so we all know, I am going to share with you 3 skin care ingredients women of color should avoid when shopping for a new product or before picking up the product you are already using.

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid 


What in the world are they? The first time I saw the word, I thought they misspelled it. Who has time to figure those hard-to-pronounce words out; it’s not likely we know what they mean anyway, right?

Okay… so you go on about your business and forget to look it up until something triggers the idea again. No worries… I am going tell you about one of the top skin care ingredients you should avoid called phthalates.

Phthalates are best-known as hormone-mimicking chemicals or a grade of chemicals used to make plastics more pliable! Phthalates cause a broad range of adverse effects to those exposed to these chemicals and guess what? It’s what helps lotions sink into our skin.

Did you just go “hmm?” I did. Now that you’re getting to know more about phthalates, what will you do the next time you shop for a skin moisturizer or fragrance? Providing you’re concerned, I’d say, read the label. Phthalates are among a few of the dangerous skin care ingredients to avoid. 

Equally important, the next time you shop for cosmetics, consider purchasing phthalate-free cosmetics and personal care items. Manufactures don’t want us knowing is they do not have a responsibility to list phthalates on a label.

Remember these skin care ingredients the next time you’re at the fragrance counter. Almost any package listed as a “fragrance” is likely containing phthalates. That’s right; masses are unsuspecting and are exposing themselves to phthalates simply by applying it directly to their skin.

In light of this, we must do better. Buy skin care products that are 100% pure, no additives, no preservatives, and best of all, phthalate-free!


Parabens are man-made chemical preservatives mistakenly identified as estrogenic and they are disruptive of normal hormone function. By the same token, they do have some value as they prevent yeast, bacteria, and mold from forming in cosmetics.

That’s a plus but I’m still not sure if I want that on my skin, are you? Sounds a little creepy to me. Parabens are in our deodorants, make-ups, lotions, shaving creams, facial scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers. This is one of the skin care ingredients to avoid combining.

They are prevalent in about 85% of the products we use every day and we absorb this through the skin. It’s no wonder why females and African Americans have higher concentrations of methyl parabens and propyl parabens than males and other cultures.

We are constantly spraying on perfumes, shampooing and conditioning our hair and applying makeup, facial scrubs and lotion. If you are wondering why they include African Americans in the equation, it’s because we are ashy individuals!

Black women or African American women put on more lotion than any other ethnic group out there.

Are you just as blown away as I was to learn these skin care ingredients contain parabens? It was a major wake-up call for me.

I decided to commit to using only organic body oils, deodorants, and lotions made with sunflower oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter made by Shea Butter Moisturizer. Like millions of other women of color, I trust them.


Sulfate compounds found in personal care products like body washes, shaving foams, and facial cleansers are harmful. Understand sulfates are a specific ingredient used to make cleaning products bubble or form a thick foam.

Repeat and underline – cleaning products! Sulfates produce suds that are remarkably rich, however, this is not so good when it comes to my skin! This is definitely on my list of skin care ingredients to avoid during pregnancy!  

Skin Care Ingredients: Conclusion

Sulfates are corrosives and they strip away protective barriers and moisture away from the skin. Add to that, they can irritate the skin, scalp, and eyes. When certain skin care ingredients, cleansers, and soaps containing sulfates upset the moisture balance, they dry out the skin.

While it’s true, sulfates produce a large amount of lather, but it’s not worth it.

Be careful to take note of these 3 skin care ingredients, or should I say irritants, and avoid them even if it means trading in your favorite brands. There are other foaming washes and bath gels that work without stripping us of the natural qualities of our beautiful brown skin.

With this in mind, why don’t you try organic facial scrubs, shower gels, and body massage oils? You won’t regret it. By the way, do you have any great remedies for rosacea? Do you know what skin care ingredients to avoid for sensitive skin? Let us know.  Comment below, please. 

Source: Multicultural Beauty

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