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Superfoods that eliminate daily stress can also help wipe out Monday morning blues. For most people, Monday is a stressful day. You hope everything goes according to plan or at least, doesn’t cause a ruckus if it does fall through.

Whether it’s the kids, the job, the traffic, the rude person at the drive-thru or the guy that’s doing 30 mph in a 55 mph zone, we endure stress on a daily basis. But there’s something we can do about it.  It’s so easy, and you do it every day, anyway, but don’t realize you can eat your way to relieve stress.

Eating to Relieve Stress

Stress can literally weigh you down and make you feel tired mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. There’s good news, though. Changing what we eat is a simple, but a huge part of altering our moods. There are foods that reduce stress and anxiety.

As a matter of fact, we know of 9 superfoods that eliminate daily stress and you’ll learn about them here.

One of the first things you should do is eliminate caffeine (stimulant) and alcoholic beverages (depressant). These substances can rob you of your natural energy and fuel you need just to get through the day successfully.

In the same manner, you should replace foods high in sugar content as they can make you feel good one moment and wiped out the next.

The Superfoods that Eliminate Daily Stress

You know there are foods which cause stress but there is an alternative. Consume superfoods that eliminate daily stress as well as supply enough nutrients to diminish the signs and symptoms of stress. Yes, it that simple. Keep reading to find out what foods you should be serving.

  1. Asparagus is a food rich in Folic acid. Folic acid helps to balance a person’s mood. Vitamin B, along with Folic acid, are critical when it comes to changing a frown into a smile. Try it as one of the superfoods that relieve daily stress and depression.
  2. Serve red meat if the family is having a rough time of it lately. Beef has iron, vitamin B, and zinc, which also alters the mood. Because beef tends to stay in the system longer, you’ll feel better longer as well.
  3. Milk is one of the most talked about sources of vitamins B2 and B12. Besides vitamins, milk owns protein, antioxidants, and calcium. Milk helps to strengthen your bones, while it promotes cell rejuvenation. Adding a bowl of whole-grain cereal is an excellent idea. This way we knock out two of those birds with a single stone.
  4. Cottage cheese is among superfoods that eliminate daily stress. In fact, it’s a favorite to people who are on a mission to lose weight. Add some fresh fruit and granola and you have a treat that’s hard to beat. The choice of fruit should be rich in vitamin C, as you’ll need a shield to ward off the free radicals and fight against stress.
  5. Almonds are another favorite choice in superfoods that eliminate daily stress. Eat them for the benefits! Almonds contain zinc, B2, vitamins C and E and have been effective in helping to prevent heart attacks.
  6. Avocados taste awesome! Not only that, but avocados are foods which help to lower blood pressure. Yes, the green fruit is packed with potassium.
  7. Salmon, tuna and even sardines (yuck) are foods that help calm you down due to the omega-3s and they are loaded with them.
  8. Pretzels have fiber and everybody needs that, but whole wheat pretzels trigger a chemical release of serotonin which can give you a much-needed boost.
  9. Eat yogurt as one of the superfoods that eliminate daily stress. Enjoy it instead of ice cream. Spice it up with a few almonds or pistachios for an added treat that will aid the immune system.

In Conclusion

We know we can eat to lose weight but did you know about the superfoods that eliminate daily stress? Yes, you could eat to relieve stress? What we consume has a lot to do with how we feel emotionally so, now we know to eat foods that reduce stress hormones. How awesome is that? Food is truly our best friend, but still, we must choose them wisely!

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