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When I initially considered my connection with food, I didn’t know that eating with intention was an actual thing. I just knew I needed to do extensive research on mindful eating and be more conscious about what I put in my body. I knew something about the concept, but what I knew only scratched the surface.

What I do know is that God gave us everything so that we could sustain life, to conquer illnesses. The medicines doctors prescribe come with warning labels. It’s scary! The choices I was making were drastically affecting me. 

If you’ve suffered because of your eating habits or your lifestyle, you should reconsider what you eat. Eating with intention or mindful eating helps prevent heart disease, gut disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, indigestion, or fatigue and more!

Explore How You Feel

What we put in our bodies has a favorable or negative impact on our overall health. Our bodies are affected by what we eat, especially as we age. We should listen to our bodies when we get bored, emotional, irritated, lonely, or stressed.  

After you record the foods you’re eating, you know exactly the times you’re eating and the kinds of food you are eating. Note how it makes you feel, physically and emotionally. 

  • Do you feel sluggish after your favorite meal or energized?
  • Does what you eat make you feel guilty? 
  • Does your stomach hurt, or do you experience heartburn? 

I know it’s a lot to keep track of, but eating with intention is a big deal and so are you. If you feel sluggish, you may have eaten too many carbs. Some people feel fuller longer after eating a meal high in protein. Try making protein prevalent in every meal. Eating a low-carb, protein-rich diet may give you more energy.

How to master mindful eating

I had horrible eating habits, and I knew better. I had gotten in the habit of eating too fast, having my meals watching tv, and making too many trips to the drive-thru. Because I stayed busy, I wasn’t chewing my food as I should. Taking only a few bites and not enjoying my food was a waste of good food and my money. I couldn’t even tell you what it tasted like.

I had heart disease, and I needed to change my fried-food ways. After many nights of journaling my meals, I pinpointed more problem areas. I found the triggers for certain foods. 

When we slow down long enough, we can listen to our bodies. It will tell you what it needs for nourishment. The body delivers its hunger and satiety responses twenty minutes after the brain, which explains why we unintentionally overeat.

What is an example of mindful eating?

Choose to fuel your body with foods that provide nutrients to support and repair your body. There’s no way you can maintain a healthy body and continue to eat loaded tacos, pizza, and fried chicken. Maybe now it’s time you try a plant-based diet. 

One of the things I found helpful was recording the foods I ate on my phone. Like other people, I was busy and didn’t have time to actually write the foods into groups, but I knew which foods contained the most carbs or fat. 

I chose not to eat a lot of carbs or consume a lot of caffeine or sweets, but I have a passion for spicy foods. I was bored with eating the same foods and wanted a change. 

What to eat to increase blood flow

Turmeric, citrus fruits, berries, ginger, nuts, leafy green veggies (vitamin B3), and fatty fish are all foods good for increasing circulation. Drink water, black or green tea with your meals or alone throughout the day. 

Lower the risk of colon cancer 

Put fresh vegetables, fruits, and whole grains on your plate. Stay away from a whole lot of processed meats, pork and red meat, even lamb. 

Help prevent diabetes 

Just say ‘no’ when it comes to sugary drinks, and ‘yes’ to water, coffee, or tea instead. You also want to munch on nuts, poultry, fish, yogurt, avocado, and black beans. 

Foods to prevent Alzheimer’s

Studies suggest that if you “mix sugary foods, starchy foods, and processed meat” you may increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease significantly. However, if you want to eat to prevent this awful disease, eat more of these: 

          • Beans
          • Berries, fresh apples, bananas and oranges (twice a week)
          • Fish at least (once weekly)
          • Nuts
          • Olive oil
          • Prebiotics & probiotics
          • Red meat (twice weekly)
          • Wine

Eating With Intention

Eating with intention is a constant process. Know your eating habits and set specific, measurable goals after identifying what changes you need to make. You can stay on track with your goals by not shopping when hungry. Occasionally, you can reward yourself with a treat but still practice mindful eating.

Prepare your meals at home. It’s healthier and when you compare it to fast food takeout. It’s also cost-effective, especially for a family of four. What is mindful eating? It’s eating to live longer, more energetic lives. Eating with intention is a lifestyle, and it’s not easy, but most things worth having won’t come on a silver platter. 

A healthy body and mind is something worth working for. Why is mindful eating important? It’s more expensive to heal a body later with surgery and medications than it is to enjoy healthy fresh foods.

Photo by Jonathan Pielmayer on Unsplash

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