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How to Trim Your Beard for the First Time  

Just when you thought the Beard Gang had retired, they resurface. It’s okay. We are all enjoying the view. Some of us, including women, are learning how to trim a beard for the first time. We’re finding out that beards can make a huge difference in how a man looks. What’s the difference? It’s the growing a beard stages for me. Plus, the way he wears his beard attracts women. 

Have you seen beard styles for older men? The pics really show how most men take pride in their facial hair and put in the effort to polish off their beard styles. Not only do they buy specific hair care products, but they invest in natural beard care products ranging from shampoo to moisturizers. They look out for wild hairs and keep a nice trim. Half of the battle is knowing how to trim your beard

With that said, I can teach you the beard basics that will turn some heads. 

How to Trim a Beard Line

Where’s the beard neckline? 

Depending on the specific beard style you want, you may have to change this step. There are a few ways to trim a beard, but if you follow protocol, you should be okay. Until you learn how to fade a beard, use the no-frills method for outlining. 

First, you want to lean your head down. See the crease from where the top of your neck and jaw meets? Now put your finger on the crease and hold your head up. This point is where you should start the trim.  

If you are looking for another way to learn how to outline your beard, all you have to do is place two of your fingers directly over your Adam’s apple. That will mark your starting point

Prepare Your Skin 

Before you start, prep your skin, so you don’t harm or cut your face. Start with a clean beard. Remove build-up and apply beard oil to make your beard hair more manageable. 

If you’re okay with using a tinted moisturizer, apply it. The moisturizer will hydrate your scalp and follicles. Some moisturizers have all kinds of nutrients and antioxidants, so your beard hair will be shiny and healthy.   

Before you trim your beard, pile on the shaving cream. The more moisture you have, it will make shaving easy, and there will be less risk of redness afterward. 

Detangle Your Beard Hair

Don’t use the same comb and brush you use for your head on your beard. Just buy you a natural-bristle beard brush. Brush your beard in the same direction as if you’re shaving, but first, apply 2-3 drops of beard oil on the brush. 

Once you’re done smoothing out your beard, clean the brush. Remove dead hair and dead skin cells. 

Shave Below the Imaginary Line 

Once you have gathered your supplies and brushed out your beard hair, you are ready to shave!  

Be gentle and use light strokes to get those hairs below the neckline. Take note of where you start. You don’t want to get off to a bad start. Once you learn how to trim a beard  efficiently, everything else is child’s play. 

How to use a beard trimmer with guard

You can really take your beard’s aesthetic to the next level when you learn how to grow a beard and mustache. By giving the whole thing a nice edge, it should grow neatly. For this, you want to start by shampooing and conditioning your facial hair. 

If you want to trim throughout your beard, set your beard trimmer to the longest settings. Trim your beard but in the opposite way of how your hair grows. 

If you’re not happy with the way it looks and you want to take some more off and go shorter, reset your trimmer to get a closer cut. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the length and look. Until you learn how to trim a beard with scissors, this is your best bet.

Congratulations! You have now completed your first lesson on how to trim a beard for the first time. 

Photo by lumin-BI7EeFaNJ1Q-unsplash.jpg


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