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What Men Want in a Woman: Here’s How to Be Irresistible  

Men spend so much time showing the world how manly they can be, so women don’t know what to believe. Some men put up this front and refuse to let anyone know how fragile or vulnerable they are. 

What men want is someone to be their sincerest cheerleader or fan. One of the biggest mistakes women make is to tear men down, especially in a heated argument. Women say things to hurt without thinking men won’t remember even when things have cooled off. We can’t unhear or unsee things once they happen. You just can’t. So, if you want to keep a strong man, you have to be that strong woman behind him.

The fact you’re here shows you care, and that’s a step in the right direction. You’re trying to learn what men want in a woman. Men strive to be their best when they have supportive partners. Don’t you agree? So, how do you give him what he wants? Read on to find out what men secretly want. 

If you don’t want the truth, don’t ask the question. 

Too many women ask trick questions and get upset when men give their honest opinions. That’s crazy. You know that outfit is not for you. You just want him to say okay so you will feel better about wearing something you’re uncomfortable putting on. Don’t do that. If you have to ask, take it off. It’s not for you. 

When he doesn’t answer, it does not mean he’s cheating

How many times have you been so involved in work that you’ve had to put your personal life on hold for several hours? I’ve had several occasions where my battery life depleted and didn’t have immediate access to a charger, leaving me with a useless phone. Didn’t mean I was cheating.

“Phones Be Making Women Feel They Unimportant”

Kevin Gates 

When He’s Quiet, Don’t Assume He’s Not Listening

Men don’t always know what to say to women because women are delicate, vulnerable and some are even crazy acting. Men are straightforward beings and sometimes come off uncaring if they say what’s really on their minds. Often, women don’t want advice – they only want to vent, and that’s fine, but men don’t always know the difference, so they say nothing. 

Men want respect just like women 

Part of being his number one fan is showing him respect. If you are in constant battle and can’t show a deserving man respect, then the right thing to do is leave him alone. Maybe you should get counseling. Until you figure it out, don’t enter into another relationship. We need to start lifting each other. 

Don’t expect him to read your mind 

I think mind readers are a myth, so stop expecting your man or anyone else to make predictions about something you’re thinking, feeling, or doing. If you want something, make it clear. Closed mouths are never fed. 

Speak Your Mind

What men really want is for women not to beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything. Say what you mean and mean what you say. You don’t have to be rude or mean, but you must say it! 

Pick Your Battles 

Okay, so he left the toilet seat up. You left it down. He spent money on a power drill without telling you. You paid $500 for a bundle of hair and didn’t alert him, so what’s the difference? We all have our “things.” You just got to know what to make a big deal about and act on it rather than blow up about the little things. Acceptance goes a long way in unconditional relationships. 

Realize Timing is Everything

What makes a man fall for a woman is knowing there’s a time and place for everything. Besides that, you got to know how to speak to him. Don’t scream, argue and fuss as soon as your man walks through the door. That’s just not cool. He doesn’t want to hear about the drama just yet. It can wait until he’s had a chance to relax and adjust to being home from a hard day’s work. 

what men want in a woman humphrey muleba GJ03tRKf70c unsplash
Men want alone time as well. We need to have time to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong. What men don’t like is insecure women.

He needs “me” time, too 

When a man says that he wants to do something without you for a change, it doesn’t mean he’s cheating either. It just means he wants to hang out with his friends, family or spend time alone. Whatever he was doing before he met you, he may want to continue to do some of the same things. 

Massage your man sometimes instead of having sex 

It’s possible that men get tired and they don’t want to have sex. This is more so true of older men, men taking medication, or men who work long hours, but men get tired. Period. Sometimes, a massage is the best medicine in the world. It will have him pumped and ready for the world the next morning. He’ll be ready for you by the end of the night. 

Men are taught not to show their feelings

Boys are not supposed to cry, right? Well, that’s so wrong. If Lionel Richie and Steve Harvey cry on national TV, it must be okay. Being able to show your pain has nothing to do with gender, however. It’s everything to do with security or self-confidence. It’s okay to feel sad, hurt, or even cry in front of others… in the daylight. Stop pretending men/boys don’t cry. 

Stop playing hard to get

Either you are ‘hard to get’ or you’re not. Don’t play games. The experts suggest women shouldn’t withhold sex because you’re upset with him. If you want to wait to have relations, be honest and tell him upfront but don’t lead him on at any point in the relationship. He will leave. 

Show him some affection 

What men want in a woman? Men like to be held and made to feel like they are special and safe just like women. Grabbing his face in your hands when you kiss him, giving him kisses on his eyelids or forehead, or holding his neck as you kiss are all signs of affection. 

Compliment your man

Men like being told they look good or smell nice. Basically, they like confirmation on their choices. It gives them that boost they may need because some men and although they don’t always show it, have insecurities, too.

Well, these are only some of the things men want in a woman. Some men still want a woman who can burn in the kitchen. They want fresh, southern foods made from scratch, so be kind to their mothers, ladies. If you can provide these things, you’ll make yourself irresistible to him. 

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

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