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What Your Love Language Says About You 

How you respond to and express yourself when communicating your feelings are referred to as love language. Knowing your partner’s love language and letting them know yours can make you both feel loved and valued in a relationship.

What are The Love Languages?

We know it can be difficult to communicate with your loved ones’ hearts, but it should be easy enough to show your mate you care if you adore them. You can learn more about the five love languages if it’s hard for you to speak their language. Before writing a book about love languages, author Dr. Gary Chapman spent years gathering notes as a counselor and pastor.

The Five Love Languages

Dr. Chapman saw a pattern through meeting with couples and listening to their misunderstandings and realizing what their partner needs. After going through his notes, he discovered five love languages that people respond to. Chapman’s five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, quality time, and receiving gifts. 

Words of Affirmation

Words, written and spoken, show affection to these people the most, according to couples’ psychotherapist Fariha Mahmud-Syed, MFT, CFLE.  If you know someone like this, words of affirmation are their primary love language. These people respond to kind words and encouragement. These expressions make them feel understood and appreciated. Remind them how much you love them on the regular. Say “I love you” even when you’re upset. 

Tip: Don’t be too hard with undue criticism. If you do, apologize right away and use encouraging words.

Acts of Service

The Acts of Service love language is for people who believe in actions. Deeds speak way louder than words and we know it. Anybody can say “I love you,’ but when they can see a person’s actions, they know how a person feels. They feel loved and appreciated when someone does nice things for them, especially when they don’t have to ask. It shows they are thinking about their SO by putting their needs first. As a result, you’ll have extra time to spend with each other!

Tip: Don’t start slacking by doing the bare minimum or neglecting your chores. 

Physical Touch

This love language shows love through physical affection. Those who have physical touch as their primary love language feels loved when their partner gives them a massage, shows PDA or holds their hand privately.

Besides sex, physical intimacy and touch can be incredibly affirming. It’s a powerful and emotional connector for people owning this love language. 

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, cuddle or spoon when you get the opportunity. Go out to a jazz club for an intimate date night. 

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You know when you connect with the other person’s love language. Laughing comes easy, talking is effortless and time just slips away when you’re together. You want to touch in every way.

Spend Quality Time 

If you or someone you know identifies as a person who loves spending time with their SO, quality time may be their love language. These people love affection and attention so much, they may have to put their phones down and actually listen for a change. It may be a good idea to look their partner directly in the eyes and whisper sweet gibberish in their ears, but it will be worth it. 

Be advised there’s a time to listen and a time to offer your best advice, comments, or jokes. You may also want to plan date nights and seductive dinners in the backyard or picnics down by the river. Listen for your cues and do it.   

Receiving Gifts

I don’t care who you are, gifts are a pretty neat thing to have. When it comes to love language, this is a great language to have. Gifting makes both parties feel loved. In fact, gifts are symbols of love and affection.

What makes gifting special is that you don’t have to attach a price tag on it or a specific holiday or event. You can give a gift just because your loved one got up that day. What matters is you give the right gift. It makes no sense to give someone a tip in an area where tips are frowned upon. It’s insulting and rude.  

How to Find Your Love Language When You Love Them All?

What is my love language since I can’t combine them all? It comes down my love language, I guess I’m multilingual. LOL I love receiving gifts and acts of service or quality time and physical touch. Yeah, words of affirmation don’t mean much unless the person follows up with action, time, touch and service. You get my drift, don’t you? On that note, I hope you found out what your love language says about you. Good luck, everyone! 


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