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22 Money Affirmations: Powerful Wealth Building Secrets 

Do you believe you can manifest wealth and prosperity by using specific money affirmations? Some people don’t believe affirmations for wealth and abundance work, but I’m here to tell you they do! 

If you agree that money gives us a sense of security, you should recite your desires and goals daily. With that said, some of us believe money can solve all of our problems, however, the truth is you can still live a miserable life and have millions in the bank.

Here, you’ll learn prosperity affirmations that work! You must unlearn a few things first like changing the way you think. You must believe you are deserving of prosperity and financial security before you can manifest a life of wealth or success. 

Stop Negative Thinking Now! 

When it comes to money affirmations, many of us need to work on our relationship with money and our thoughts towards it. Before you can do that, you have to stop engaging in negative self-talk, thoughts and conversations. Negativity and limiting beliefs makes it impossible for anybody to attract what they desire and build wealth. 

Here are some of the beliefs preventing money from flowing into your life:

  • I will lose friends if I was rich 
  • If you work hard enough, you’ll get rich   
  • I’m not good at handling money
  • More money, more problems
  • I am content with my life, I don’t need to live lavishly
  • Money is bad
  • If I had money, someone would take it from me
  • Only certain people can get rich
  • I am too young/old to worry about money 
  • Money changes people   
  • I don’t have any special gifts 

These are some self-limiting thoughts that people tell themselves on a daily basis. With my money affirmations secret, daily visualizations, and positive thinking you can change the way you think and behave.

“I am grateful for all in my life and all that is yet to come.”

If you recognize any of the above ideas as your thoughts, work on turning them completely around. Learn how to manifest money instantly. Once you change your energy, you will spread positivity everywhere you go. People will love your optimistic and energetic vibe!

Customize The Affirmations To Your Life

Once you unblock negative energy, you will start to create the life you want. Use these affirmations to release negative energy. 

  • I am not that impatient person anymore. I trust in God’s plan.
  • Release people and things that no longer serve me.
  • Transform negative energy into love and light.
  • Welcome positivity into my life
  • Refrain from repeating old habits and choose new, positive ones

“I do not come from a rich family, but a rich family will come from me.”

Affirmations are positive phrases. They represent your desires, so you should repeat them throughout the day and night. As it becomes a habit, it will become a part of your subconscious. 

Money affirmations are just one of the most powerful wealth building secrets known to man. They break down previous negative thoughts about money and rebuild your brain with positive thoughts and actions. By overcoming small thinking, a person becomes more confident, successful and powerful. 

Your goals may not happen overnight, especially in the beginning. However, some claim to have experienced instant results. Affirmations only express a person’s desires. 

These powerful money affirmations reflect the kind of lifestyle you want to live. Design them to your situation, so they are uniquely yours. Notice as you do them over time, they will become a part of your world.  

11 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance

  1. Money is drawn to me, I am a money magnet.
  2. I release all negative energy over money.
  3. For all that they provide me, I am happy to pay my bills.
  4. I am debt-free because money is constantly flowing into my life.
  5. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  6. I am able to handle large sums of money.
  7. Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  8. Money improves my life and I am able to help others.
  9. I have more than enough money.
  10. Money is energy, so money is good.
  11. I am financially free.

These positive money affirmations set you up for success. They give you the right mindset so you can accomplish your dreams. With that said, if you want to live an abundant life, reach your financial goals, and increase your financial stability, repeat the affirmations every day. 

How to Use Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Use money affirmations daily. Probably the best times are in the morning so you can start the day with a winning attitude and before you go to bed. You can end your day with the same positive vibes. However, you can say your affirmations any time of the day and anywhere.

lady holding several hundred dollar bills
Manifesting money is a simple process, but you must be consistent. Don’t give up.

You have the power to be wealthy. It’s in you, so use these affirmations for money and wealth every day.

  1. I will receive a large sum of money this month.
  2. This will be the most financially successful month of my life so far.
  3. Money flows to me from lots of different sources.
  4. Ultimate wealth is on its way to me right now.
  5. All the money I spend comes back to me multiplied.
  6. I am paid well for doing what I love.
  7. Money allows me to live a life of freedom.
  8. I’m about to receive a huge check.
  9. Cash will flow to me like water this year.
  10. My bank account grows while I’m sleeping.
  11. Money is no longer an issue.

In order to achieve personal success, wealth and financial freedom, you must manifest it and this entails believing you can do it. You’re only building the foundation for success. Because affirmations are not magic, you still have to put in the work. 

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