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Can you get married on a boat? The short answer is yes! One of the best wedding venues is yacht weddings. You can plan the entire event aboard the yacht. Having the ceremony onboard and yacht wedding reception saves you money. Money you’ll need later on. Sure you want a beautiful wedding, but it pays to be frugal, especially in the beginning. 

Yacht weddings are the perfect solution for any couple who loves being in the open air. Join guests on the top level for nuptials. Next enjoy a mouth-watering meal, followed by champagne toasts and island-inspired cocktails on the level below.  

You can purchase all-inclusive yacht wedding packages if you want. This means everything you desire, whether it’s over-the-top and flashy or calm and casual, it’s included in the price you get from the wedding planner. We don’t leave anything out. 

We include the cake, linens, bartender, entertainment, sound system and even the seashells and driftwood. Of course, the captain can officiate the ceremony with no problem. Your job and the job of your guests is to show up

What Does a Yacht Wedding Cost? 

So, how much does it cost to rent a yacht for a wedding? It’s affordable. To have a wedding on a Saturday, between May and October, it would run a couple around $5,000 for a party of 40 guests. It averages out to be around $130 per person. You may not know that you can rent only specific spaces on the yacht or the whole thing. If you’re planning a boat wedding, we suggest you go all the way. You can save on some things such as boat wedding decorations, however.  

Yacht Rental Wedding Venues

Some wedding cruise packages last only a few hours. Still, a short, nature-inspired cruise along the river banks can be impactful, especially if you’re hosting guests who are new to the area. As the views are perfectly panoramic, you can capture the stunning visuals from the coastline to the skyline. Browse these beautiful boat wedding venues synonymous with a seaside honeymoon. They are a few of the more popular venues for beach style yacht weddings. 

Savannah, Georgia

The Georgia Queen and the Savannah River Queen are two wonderful vintage riverboats where you and your guests may have a minimalist wedding. This style is a great alternative to other aesthetic wedding ceremonies and celebrations. The boats can accommodate a large gathering of Southern Belles and Gents and a few Yankees, too. What’s awesome is they also contain carefree vibes so you and your SO can elope and skip the formal arrangements. You can also hold other blissful events such as bachelorette/bachelor parties, dinner rehearsals, and wedding receptions.

Newport, Kentucky

If you’re in Kentucky, explore the Ohio River. You can also enjoy the Cincinnati cityscape on board the BB Riverboats. Call today to schedule a boat wedding or rehearsal dinner. Select from several yacht wedding ideas that would suit your non-traditional demands. Talk with the planner and go over the details, and budget. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Are you looking for a stress-free wedding? The state of South Carolina is a beautiful place to shine. Speak with an expert wedding planner and book a venue that can accommodate up to 150 guests with a starting price of $2,500. Say your vows on the top deck and take full use of the view. Rest assured, everyone is going to have a fantastic time! 

Yacht Weddings Newport Beach, California

This boat wedding venue allows you to explore the waterways off the coast of Orange County. The 120-foot legendary cruise ship is primarily used for modern tropical theme weddings. With enough space for 150 people, guests can enjoy fine china, high-end linens, and lavish furnishings made with marble, glass, and wood. The captain is glad to perform your ceremony, and catering is available on-site to make the wedding preparation process go as smoothly as possible. 

Chicago’s First Lady (Chicago, Illinois)

Exchange “I dos” against the background of Chicago’s bright lights, eye-catching details, and playful elements. Capture intimate moments against the cityscape onboard a private yacht wedding setting. There are six vessels to select from, with a capacity for up to 200 people, wedding packages to suit any budget. Customize your route with your favorite Chicago sights. Fill your spaces with great friends, family, unexpected decor pieces, scrumptious food and drink.


Photo by Evelina Friman on Unsplash


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