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It’s more to spiritual relationships and weddings. It’s a lot more to them than buying a gown and deciding on a color palette for the ceremony. It’s about the spiritual connection between lovers and deciding to bond together in a way that’s sacred and divine.

When most people think of classic American church weddings, they probably imagine two people standing in front of their friends, family and a minister. For centuries, it’s been the tradition to have a religious and legally binding wedding, but so much in the world is changing now.

Couples are planning different types of weddings, including spiritual and civil ceremonies. They meet the legal requirements for marriage but spiritual relationships and weddings aren’t based on any religion. This could be due to fewer people making a connection with a particular faith. Still, couples want to marry someone with whom they share a spiritual connection with, not just their beliefs and traditions.

What is a Spiritual Relationship?

A spiritual relationship is one solely focused on the needs and desires of the other person. It’s a spiritual attraction to a person who has decided to commit to the other for the long term.

Since some couples don’t follow a particular religion, they refer to themselves as spiritual but not religious. Because of this, the bride and groom chose not to get married in a religious setting. They opt for a spiritual wedding instead.

Having a spiritual wedding ceremony is no different from a traditional one. It’s a public expression of one’s intention to no longer be selfish. By committing to the spiritual relationship vows, they are saying they are ready to prioritize someone else.

What is a Spiritual Ceremony?

Spiritual relationships and weddings don’t follow the traditional rules of what people think a union or wedding ceremony should be. They experience a psychic connection between two people who care for one another. When it comes to their wedding, like any other bride and groom, they can personalize all the details to their specifications. 

They may have some aspects of a traditional wedding like a wedding gown, so they still have complete control over the ceremony. 

The Spiritual Connection: Spiritual Relationships and Weddings; heery tUHvw09jY unsplash
For most women, it’s all about the gown, not the kind of wedding they have. You must admit, a dress with a train is tempting and sets the tone for the wedding ceremony. Photo by Taylor Heery tUHvw09jY unsplash

You can hold a spiritual wedding anywhere. The wedding can be officiated by a person who’s legally ordained to marry individuals even if that person is a friend or family member. 

The Benefits of a Spiritual Connection 

The energy between soulmates can be so intense sometimes that when you find it, you automatically become loyal to that person. It feels good to make that soul connection with someone whose energy is the same as yours. It does the mind, and body good, not to mention the spirit. Married couples are not as likely to share bad habits if the other one doesn’t indulge.  

According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention report released that same year, “Married people were, in general, in better health than those who were divorced, widowed, never-married, or living with a partner. They were also less likely to suffer from health conditions like back pain, headaches, and serious psychological distress.”

Another benefit to a spiritual connection, and marriage is that you get to enjoy sex regularly with the same person. It reduces stress and raises self-confidence. Tim Alan Gardner, author of Sacred Sex expresses his views by saying: “The number-one purpose of [marital] sex is not procreation or recreation, but unification…This unification is the celebration of the soul-deep bond that is present when a couple knows and experiences the certainty that they are together, permanently for a divine purpose.”

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