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Sometimes we dream and remember those dreams even when they are broken. It’s like one minute you’re at the beach playing volleyball and the next you’re home chopping it up with your ex. What just happened? What does it mean when you dream about your ex? The answer may not be so obvious. 

Besides a few other things, sleep is the best event in a person’s day. Sleep allows the body and mind to break from reality for a minute, however, the body doesn’t totally stop working. You’re semi-aware of some of its functions, one of them is dreaming.

If you’re wondering if it is normal to dream about your ex, it is and no, you’re not alone. If you’re thinking about them while you go about your day, the answer may be that obvious. 

Maybe You’re Not Over Them 

What does it mean when you dream about your ex 2 nights in a row? It’s possible that you are not being honest with yourself and still have feelings for your ex. Do you want to get back together with them or do you need closure? Think about it… I mean, really reflect on what you’re feeling deep inside and come to terms with it.

Did You Dream About Your First Love?

If you dream about someone you met years ago and you’re still dreaming about them, it could be that you’re missing specific emotions. People make us feel a certain way. It could be passion or a certain kind of excitement or desire that you had with that person you can’t get with anyone else.

You Could Need Closure When You Dream About Your Ex

You don’t have to still harbor romantic feelings for your ex to want closure, according to Terri Orbuch, relationship expert. Maybe you’re just not happy with the way things ended between you two and you want to make amends. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it shows that you’re growing as a person.  

You Miss That Part of Your Life 

Does dreaming about an ex mean they miss you? Well, the Dreammoods Dream Dictionary suggests that seeing your ex in a dream could mean that you enjoyed the relationship and miss certain parts of. Not only do you miss it, but you want to relive those days again. You can’t go back and as much as you want to turn back the hands of time, it’s impossible. 

When You Dream About Your Ex 

Why does a particular person show up in your dreams? Sometimes we dream about our ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends because we can’t get over them. When you can’t get over them, your subconscious tries to help, believe it or not.

Do you hope the other person will change or change their mind and come back to you? The best advice is to focus on why you broke up in the first place and figure out how you truly feel about the breakup and that person. If you’re angry and grieving, don’t linger in self-pity for too long. It won’t do either of you any good. You got to move on and leave the past behind you whether you get back with them or not. 

If you get back together, you can hold their mistakes over their head. It’s one of the worst mistakes couples make. If you don’t get back together, you have to learn from the lesson and incorporate it into the next relationship. Learn from it so that you can grow and have healthy relationships moving forward. 

Looking the Ghost in the Eye 

If you confront the person who left you without a trace, you should experience some kind of comfort if you get the right answers. Being ghosted is no fun. It’s frustrating and highly disappointing if you were expecting more from this person. Whatever happened to common courtesy or dating etiquette

Breaking Up Bad and Forgiveness 

Not all breakups end quietly. Sometimes, they end with a bang, door closing, or with the police being called. Sometimes, with this kind of drama, there’s not always enough time or forethought to ask for forgiveness.

In cases like these, you may have to call your ex or get in touch with them another way and make your peace. Forgiveness is essential to your spiritual, mental, and physical health even though they were the cheating or abusive ex. 

When you dream about your ex and the relationship was toxic, I couldn’t in all honesty recommend going back to them under any circumstances. I would tell you to forgive them, but I wouldn’t suggest rekindling the relationship. When your ex texts you and you get ‘the itch‘, remember the pain, the disappointment and how you felt after being with this person and keep it moving. Take care and love yourself! 


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