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When a guy says he loves you but you’re not dating, it can be confusing to the girl who wants to be loved by him. There are a lot of things he could be saying, however, there are just as many things he could not be saying at the same time. 

Consider what the circumstances are before you go jumping to conclusions, especially if this is his first time proclaiming his love for you. The mouth says what it wants. But if you want to know the truth, believe what he shows you. 

If you are just friends, he could have said he loves you but didn’t mean anything romantic behind it. If you’re trying to make more of what was said, then you may get your feelings hurt. Don’t overthink what he’s telling you. 

Depending on who’s saying I love you, it could have a different meaning than the last person who said it to you. In other words, your mom has a different kind of love for you than your neighbor or your pastor. Love has several interpretations and people say it so easily sometimes. People say ‘I love you’ to express gratitude, respect, happiness, care and affection. 

If you want to know what he really means when he says I love you, there are a few things you can do. Keep in mind what your relationship is with him though. Are y’all just friends, associates or does his eyes light up when he sees you walk in the room? 

Possible Reasons He Says I love You 

Love feels good, doesn’t it? If you have ever thought you were in love before,  you’ll want to feel it again and again. You want to love and have love in return. People don’t generally tell strangers they love them, but if they do, you know they are talking about love for a fellow human and that is all. 

But when some guy you met a few weeks ago says he loves you, I’m not really sure that’s love. Some people believe in love at first sight. Others believe it takes time to fall in love. I’m not going to lie… if he professes his love just after two weeks of dating, he’s a little weird. Even if he thinks he loves you, most men don’t dare let those words roll off their tongues so soon. 

It’s a process for most men and they want to be sure of a few things before they put their heart on the chopping block. So, let’s talk about when a guy says he loves you but you’re not romantic or when you haven’t even been dating.

1. Just a Friend 

When a guy says he loves you but you’re not dating, maybe he’s talking to you as a friend would. Maybe he was having a moment and said it but it doesn’t mean he’s in love with you romantically. Maybe you’re bonding as friends and he confessed his love as a friend. So, the question is do you want to be more than just buddies or pals, or friends. What does his behavior say? It will tell more than what he says.  

2. It Was an Impulse 

Some people mistake emotions for love. If he isn’t getting a lot of affection from the people around him, then your kindness can give him feelings that he’s fallen for you. Perhaps it was an impulse that he told you how he felt at the moment. If you’re friends, he more than likely likes you as a friend. On the other hand, maybe he’s trying to figure out how he really feels about you. 

3. Infatuation vs. Love

It happens to a lot of people so don’t feel alone. Some men actually believe they are in love when, in fact, they aren’t. It’s just infatuation rather than love. This attraction is strong and could die down over time, but love grows stronger.

4. To Have Sex With You 

When he says “I love you,” it could be his way of getting a girl to sleep with you. I’m not sure if the line is still working in this day and age, but some guys seem to think so. Your guy may be one of them who still says that he loves you to get you to drop your pants. If he says this, he will say most anything so be careful. 

5. He Really Does Love You

There is a thing called “one-sided love” where a person falls in love with someone else and they don’t even know it. Dates are always necessary to love someone. How you respond to this person is dependent on your feelings for that person. 

You should never say you love him until you are sure of it. Not reciprocating his feelings will hurt and you don’t want to do that. Not being truthful will cause more harm than good so take time to figure out how you feel. 

When a guy says he loves you and means it romantically, he’ll call for no reason at all or he’ll come by when you least expect him. He just wants to be around you. He feels good when you are together. There’s nothing more he’d rather do than to be with you.  

If you’re trying to find out if he’s genuine or not, don’t call or text him for a week or two and see what happens. If he blows up your phone or shows up at your door without calling, then he could be obsessed with you and not in love. 

Oh, my last bit of advice: if you love him, then say you love him, but don’t overthink things. When a guy says he loves you, he will open up  and want you to be a part of his life. It’s just that simple. 

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