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Every relationship has its ups and downs. One problem you may face is being with someone whose personality is a bit different from yours. If you’re a romantic person but your woman isn’t, don’t worry. There’s a lot you can do in this situation. If you have a good woman, you may want to repair the relationship even if she’s not romantic. 

Understand your woman’s style of affection and connect on her level. Discuss your expectations about romance with her. How do you do this? 

Want to know more? Keep reading for some great tips on what to do with a good woman who is not romantic.

What to Do When the Romance is Gone?

So, you’re in a relationship with a woman who you care for deeply, however, she’s just not romantic. 

1. Assess Your Relationship

This may sound harsh, but relationships are a lot of work. Some people are worth the effort…others are not. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit a good woman who is not romantic. There’s nothing wrong with not liking romance, but if it’s a deal breaker for you, you may want to have a long talk with your partner. 

Before continuing on, ask yourself if this woman is someone you’re keen on keeping in your life. If you’re in a long committed relationship, you can move on to the next level in the relationship. If not, it just means this relationship may not be right for you.

In thinking about new and budding relationships, if her level of passion does not align with yours, are you sure you’d like to stay? Avoid making hasty decisions, though. Life is all about that 80/20 balance, and maybe your woman makes up for her lack of romance in different ways like offering great emotional support or massages. 

2. Lack of Romance in a Relationship? Plan sex

If she is so unromantic that planting a kiss on her cheek or neck, or indulging in foreplay is out of the question, you may have to plan romance every once in a while. Still, grab her in the biscuit and kiss her on the hot spots. She may not say anything, but I can guarantee she’s bothered so go ahead and plan a romantic date night.

3. Learn About Love Languages

So you think she’s a good woman who is not romantic? Well, every individual has some degree of romance in them. However, trouble comes knocking when you and your woman’s love languages do not match.

If you want your relationship to work, make an effort to learn her love language and let her know about yours!

There are 5 different love languages, according to relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman. These love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and exchanging gifts.

For example, if your primary love language is quality time, but your woman’s love language is an act of service, there may be trouble understanding the other person’s affection.

Learning about the different love languages can help you decode your woman’s behavior and better understand how she expresses her love for you. There’s a chance you might be simply missing out on her loving gestures because they aren’t parallel with your definition of romance.

4. Stop Watching Movies With No Romance! 

Relationships need to be nurtured; they don’t just happen overnight. So, if you’re keen on making things work with your woman, be ready to put in the effort and acknowledge her love language. Watch romantic movies with her. Chill her favorite bottle of wine, and put out her favorite snacks or get dinner going.

There’s nothing sexier than a man in an apron and the smell of good food in the air. Go all out and set the table up with candlelight and the good dishes. Check Instagram decorators who know how to lay a table and mimic their looks. You’ll impress her enough that she will be talking about the evening to her co-workers the next day.  

5. Open Up About Your Needs

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. Your woman is not a mind reader and won’t know what you’re thinking until you tell her.

So, if you feel like you are more romantically inclined than your lady, let her know. Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards creating romance in a relationship.

An excellent way to approach a good woman who is not romantic is by telling her something in particular you’d like her to do for you. However, if she is uncomfortable or unwilling to do so, it’s best to give her some space and ask her what she would prefer doing.

Once your woman is aware of your needs, she may be willing to do those romantic things you love so much.

When you sit down to talk to her, remember to use a gentle tone. This is so she will be more susceptible to listening. Also, have the conversation when both of you are free. Give her a chance and let her know that you are open to suggestions and have some requests (not demands) you’d like to make.

Your woman may also have some requests for you. Try and listen to her and take note of her desires, too. After all, the best way to figure out what excites a woman is by asking her!

A healthy conversation between good woman who is not romantic and a man who’s obsessed with romance can make a massive difference in their love lives. So, don’t shy away from talking to your woman – an open discussion might be exactly what you need! 

Final Thoughts

Everyone has some degree of romance within them. You just need to figure out what your woman defines as love and let her know of your needs, too. This will help you reignite the spark of romance within your relationship.

However, if you feel like your woman is not keen on making an effort for you, consider joining relationship therapy. A qualified expert may help her assess the nature of her relationship with you, ultimately allowing both of you to make a healthy decision about your love life together.


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