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It can be difficult to decide and start dating after divorce for a man. Not only because the emotions might not cool down, but also, for example, because the last time you have been on a date with your ex-spouse. Hookup dating sites are full of charming partners, and you want to plunge into the world of romance quickly. But you are probably tormented by questions, is it worth trying… But what if the wrong person comes across again?

Having limitless possibilities by swiping either left or right makes finding a partner both easier and more difficult at the same time. It’s especially confusing if you have been married for 30+ years. If this is your case, you probably want some dating advice after divorce. You’ll need to know how to get the most out of the first date or initial conversation or dating profile.

Dating after divorce for a man can be awkward. Knowing how to survive divorce emotionally and start dating again is important to finding another companion. Read on – and you will find out everything about dating and divorce!

Remember You Are Not Alone

The most important thing to know about dating a man after his divorce is that you are not incomplete, and you have nothing to blame yourself for. It happens quite often; divorce statistics say about half of the couples getting divorced. And this is not an admission of their mistakes; they may not exist at all. For example, you had a traumatic relationship, and now you are not. And liberation from the constant nightmare is a good thing!

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A positive attitude can have major influences over relationships. Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Be More Positive

You don’t need to complain about your ex on the first date and remember your past relationship’s negative moments. You shouldn’t talk about exes with potential partners before you even get to know each other a little. Throwing mud at the ex (even if they deserve it), won’t make the best impression and may alienate the new partner.

Open Yourself to Something New

The person you will be dating after divorce does not have to be like your ex-spouse. If you are invited by someone who is not your type, accept the invitation. Meeting different people will help you quickly understand what traits you want or don’t want to see in your future partner.

According to divorce statistics during marriage and during the divorce process, your values and requirements for a potential partner may have changed. Perhaps you began to appreciate what you did not give importance to in the beginning. Every date builds your confidence. Even if you don’t meet your future bride or husband on the first date, you will diversify your life and learn something new about yourself and the people around you.

Decide on a Dating Goal

If you decide to date, then you must have a purpose. Why are you dating? What are your dating after divorce expectations? Sit down and reflect on what exactly you are aiming for? To a non-binding romance? To a one night stand? Want to find the love of your life? Your entire behavior model with the people you will meet depends on your dating after divorce priorities.

Remember That Anyone Can Meet Online

Perhaps online dating was in its infancy during your past relationships or it was unfashionable. Now it is a growing trend worldwide, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to online dating and divorce.

When filling out your profile, keep a balance of information – include your interests, hobbies, and goals, but do not get hung up on one topic. Choose suitable photos that show you in a good light but do not use photoshop. When y’all meet, the other person will see all of who you are physically and if it’s not who they saw initially, they will not stick around because now, you’ve lied to them.

If you’re embarrassed about your photos, show your profile to a friend, let them be the judge. We are our own worst critics, but remember this: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Stop saying you’re not attractive because that’s insecurity and low self esteem takes away from your attractive traits.  

Do Not Rush

Dating after divorce for a man is a little different from how women do it. Women can plunge into the sea of new opportunities shortly after breakups, but men don’t really take rejection as well as women. Some women don’t want to date a recently divorced man. They feel it’s best if he waits a for a period before getting back into the dating scene. 

Dating should be enjoyable, and not a way to prematurely close aching wounds. Besides, you can easily get into new relationships and have dramatic results if you rush in. So if you start dating a couple of months or years later after breaking it off with your SO, it’s okay! 

dating after divorce for a man
Love yourself, love your life! I’d much rather go through life happy and with a positive attitude, wouldn’t you? Photo by Natasha Fernandez from Pexels

Make Sure You Treat Yourself Well

Divorce leaves open painful wounds. You may need therapy to cope with divorce and heal the wounds afterward. Dating will be useless until you cope with disappointment and resentment of your last relationship. And you run the risk of stepping on the same rake if you don’t analyze the mistakes you have made in a failed marriage.

Women, before you start dating a newly divorced man seriously, you may need to reconnect with yourself. It could take him some time to figure out who he is. You are an exceptional person, whether he realizes it or not. The experience he got in the divorce process will likely influence the way he treats other women. If you like him and he has great qualities, accept the new man and help him to love again, if necessary. It’s important you both love yourselves in order to love one another. 

According to Steve Grissom and Kathy Leonard at Divorce Care, “Anytime you do not feel anger, blame, self-pity, bitterness or resentment, then you are experiencing recovery. If you think of your former spouse less often than you used to, this is a sign of recovery. If you are living in the present more than you are dwelling in the past, you are recovering. When you look back and see where you have been, that means you are in a position of recovery.” 


After breaking up with your spouse, it could be strange or even disturbing to start dating again. Sometimes, the impressions of dating are different than before marriage. Depending on when you stop dating, the rules may have changed, and you have to delve into new nuances. For example, you may have to master dating applications. The 1st relationship after divorce for men could be the deciding factor for many other relationship decisions.  

Dating after divorce for a man is tricky for lack of a better word. If you have been on a date recently, was it successful? What was the hardest part for you in the beginning? Share your experiences with others so they may grow from it. We hope that our advice will help you adapt to new realities, return to dating and have dating after divorce success.

About the Author:

Rebecca Shinn is a freelance writer and dating and relationship expert with a Psychology degree. Her field of expertise is relationship, dating, and marriage. The important part of Rebecca’s practice is to help couples with communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress management, or finance skills. 

Rebecca started writing 2 years ago to inspire and help people to have a better dating life, strong relationships, or find a way to keep a marriage strong for long years.

With all said above, Rebecca is proud to be a mother and a wife so she doesn’t only use her knowledge for helping others but keeping her family strong and happy.

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