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Lendmark Financial Services is a financial institution that offers bad credit loans to good people. The firm provides unsecured loans for bad credit, car loans, and loans to rebuild or consolidate high-interest debts into one affordable payment. 

If you need money for medical bills, another car, home or car repairs, to take a break from life and all the stress it throws at you, or just because the kids deserve a vacation, Lendmark will find the right loan, payments, and terms for your situation. 

Lendmark Financial credit score requirements, rates, and fees vary depending on a person’s financial and credit profile. Lendmark also extends its services to merchants needing a boost because they know getting started and staying in business can sometimes be a struggle. The company believes in supporting the community. 

Taking an Active Part in the Community 

Lendmark Financial Services is as only great as the people who operate each branch. With that said, they are humans with families and friends who live and work within the same communities as other vendors and businesses. Lendmark shows its support by raising money each year for families battling cancer. Lendmark’s Climb to CURE has raised over $2.4 million since 2015 to help pediatric cancer research. This foundation is a huge effort that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

How Does Lendmark Financial Work?

Apply for a loan at Lendmark Financial Services online. If you are accepted, you must go to a branch to sign papers and collect your money. You’re eligible to apply for one of three loans.

Personal Loans

Lendmark Financial makes high risk personal loans to help people rebuild their credit, to redecorate or renovate their homes, to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, or to put new shoes on their vehicles. They don’t much care why you need it. Lendmark agents are there to help regardless of the reason. 

Debt Consolidation

Sometimes people get in over their heads for whatever reason. Again, Lendmark doesn’t judge. They just help by offering to put your finances back in order with a debt consolidation loan. What do you say? Do you want to try a debt consolidation loan? It could put a few dollars back into your pocket each month and put your mind at ease. 

Auto Loans

Depending on where you live, a car is a must-have. Whether you’re interested in refinancing an existing loan, buying new or pre-owned, Lendmark Financial can help with financing. 

Once you get a loan from them, mention Lendmark Financial offer code name HaezleMcD and ask how can you receive additional benefits.  

Now decide how to pay each month. You can pay online, in person at your local branch, or by using the mobile app. Lendmark Financial accepts payments over the phone when using a debit or credit card. You can bring in cash to the store or mail in a personal check or money order. 

Repayment Terms

You have up to 72 months to repay your loan, or you can can choose short term loans with low monthly payments. You can pay out as early as six months with bi-monthly payments. If you had a $6,000 loan and paid it out over three years at 5.99 percent, you’d pay a low monthly premium of $186 for a total of $6,596. Not bad, huh? APR ranges from a low 5.99 percent to a high of 35.99 percent. Don’t worry about an application fee; there isn’t one or an early pay-out penalty. 

Lendmark Financial Services FAQ

Does Lendmark check your credit scores?

Remember, these are loans for bad credit not payday loans. Unfortunately, Lendmark has to open your credit file to see what the reporting agencies say about your repayment history. If TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax agree that you’re a good candidate for a poor credit loan, then Lendmark won’t hesitate to extend an offer of credit to you.

Remember, Lendmark works with lenders that accept bad credit, so don’t be afraid. Lendmark also reports to Equifax, etc. With this in mind, make your payments on time so they can report your excellent history to the top credit agencies. 

Can I get an unsecured loan for bad credit through Lendmark?

The application process with Lendmark Financial is easy. You can do most of the work over the phone. If approved, you come into the office and sign the paperwork. They will tell you what documents to bring with you so you have everything when you arrive. 

How much money can I borrow? 

The cap on Bank of America loans for bad credit (unsecured) is $8,000. You can go higher, but you will need collateral to secure the loan.

If I don’t pay, will they garnish my wages? 

They may be able to withhold your wages, but the agents will work with you in every possible way before your account goes into collection. Check your state law to know for sure. Protect your good credit and let Lendmark Financial know before you crash. They may help you. 

These days are critical. We should be working toward building perfect credit scores at any early age and keeping it that way. Say “no” to those people who want you to put services in momma name or pay ridiculous interest rates on bad credit loans. If you’re still doing that, stop playing and get on some grown people situations. Boss up and fix your bad credit so you can call ahead to Lendmark Financial and get that money when you need it.

Pay your bills on time and pay using your bank account or credit cards. Use both types of credit… revolving and installment. Get with Rod Ferrell for more tips on cleaning up your credit. 

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

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