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I’m sure we all agree Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers. We give and get gifts, and we eat Valentine’s Day dinner at some of the best restaurants in town. Going the distance shows our significant others we care, but we don’t have to spend a hundred or more dollars on a meal to show anyone you love them, especially in uncertain economic times. Instead, create a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home. 

The Valentine’s Day main course doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you’re expecting someone to put a ring on it tonight, put their favorite foods in front of them and make it the best they ever had. They will want to spend the rest of their lives with you and gladly. If you’re still in the dating stage, the right meal will reinforce reasons they should come back to you with their hearts in their hands. 

Almost anyone can cook these dinners, and the ingredients are already in your cabinets or else not expensive to buy. So, take from these Valentine’s Day dinner ideas, open a complimentary bottle of wine, or imported beer, use fabric tablecloth and cloth napkins, and light the (unscented) candles.

Tip: You want your dinner guest to smell the food. The goal is to activate as many of the senses as possible this evening, however, you don’t want to mask the smell of good food cooking. 

Romantic Dinner Ideas for Two at Home  

You don’t have to be from the south to love southern foods or know how to cook an award-winning meal. Also, you don’t have to have a culinary degree either to whip up an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner. I’ve collected a few impressive-looking dinners, and with promise, they taste amazing. 

Bourbon Candied Bacon Deviled Eggs

There aren’t many holidays where deviled eggs aren’t served, but sometimes, they deserve a little twist. Try them next time with a little bourbon and bacon. It may be the start of a new tradition at your house. 

Spinach Strawberry Champagne Salad

Salads are terrific as a side or as a meal. It’s easy to make no matter how you toss it. Add grilled chicken, fruit, dried berries, and nuts to make an ordinary salad a huge hit this Valentine’s Day. I’m sure your spouse will love it. Get creative with the salad dressing. This recipe calls for a champagne vinaigrette, but feel free to use your favorite brand. 

Pomegranate and Butternut Squash Winter Salad

Pomegranate and Butternut Squash Winter Salad
Pomegranate and Butternut Squash Winter Salad

Serve this sexy salad on Valentine’s Day as the main course, along with salmon or topped with some roasted chicken or as a side piece, I mean dish and don’t forget the beverages. It’s definitely an easy Valentine’s Day dinner, but one that’s healthy and hard to forget.  

Butternut Squash Pasta

Looking for romantic dinner recipes for him? Try sautéing some noodles or even baking them. Add in cheese, butter, toasted hazelnuts, and herbs for lots of flavors. If you want crunch, then try cooking them for about 5 minutes. If not, go the distance of about 5 minutes longer for a softer creamy baked pasta. Serve with pork chops or roasted chicken, creamy soups and cheesy garlic bread. That’s sure to satisfy the hungry man.  

Creamy Green Beans

The Green Bean Casserole is likely a family favorite at your house, too. It was one of my first dishes to learn during the holidays mainly because you couldn’t screw it up. It doesn’t take long to prepare and the ingredients are simple. 

Chicken and Okra Gumbo

You don’t have to live in New Orleans to eat as you do. Try this Creole dish and be careful who you serve it to. Gumbo like Mardi Gras is a household favorite tradition among many in the south. Once you experience it, you’ll want to come back and do it again. 

Air-Fryer Scallops

You may not like seafood, but you might love scallops. I prepare them a little differently since I’ve purchased an air-fryer. They taste better because they are not done the traditional way. Try sparkling wine or carbonated water if it’s a non-alcoholic evening. If you’re feeling really romantic, pop open a champagne bottle.  

Honey Soy Salmon

Salmon glazed honey soy
Salmon glazed honey soy

Salmon lovers know it only takes a few minutes to make a delicious and healthy meal out of it. When you do it right, it will turn out to be flaky and seconds will be hard to resist. 

Seafood Pasta Baked in Parchment Paper

Want fun things to cook together on a date? Try this funky combination of seafood, carbs, and homegrown tomatoes. It is so good, you’ll dream of the recipe. Dinner is ready in just under 30 minutes. Top this pasta and seafood dish off with white wine like a Pinot Grigio or Moscato. 

Italian Chicken Sheet Pan Supper

This recipe is super easy to make and you can prepare it in one pan. This makes cleaning up a breeze, too. But no one will believe you only spent a few minutes making it. 

Rib-eye Plated with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms

Three of my favorite homemade dinner date ideas are on this one menu and I’m loving it. There’s nothing like a hearty ribeye steak or New York strip to make your significant other melt into your arms. They will think it’s take-out, it’s so delicious. Put this on your Valentine’s Day menu and chill your favorite red wine (Bordeaux) or imported beer.

Steak, Roasted Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

You don’t need a psychic to tell you that this recipe is one of the most popular creative dinner ideas for two for Valentine’s Day. What’s better than a tender bone-in ribeye, and blue cheese crumbled on my roasted tomatoes? Nothing, I tell ya’, nothing. Just need to add some breadsticks and a couple of bottles of Zinfandel or Sauvignon to this recipe, and you can call it a day!  

Creamy Spinach and Red Pepper Chicken

This is perhaps one of the most affordable Valentine’s Day Dinner recipes on the list. Not only is it inexpensive, but I love to give my meals color. Red peppers do the trick, too, because they stand out and I like the taste of them when I’m eating creamy spinach. 

Coconut Mango Thai Beef Curry

ThaiCoconutBeefCurry XXL
Thai Coconut Beef Curry  

Opposites attract… don’t you agree? Can you see a fulfilling marriage between the coconut mango and the beef curry in this Thai dish? The relationship between mango, coconut milk, and curry is spot-on. Because of the spicy nature of this meal, you may want to pour a sparkling beverage to tone down the flames. 

Smothered Pork Chops

For those who eat pork, you won’t find this idea on the gourmet Valentine’s dinner menu. But there is nothing like a pork chop covered in creamy brown gravy served with grilled onions and bell peppers. Omg, you can’t beat it. All you need are the right sides and a glass of Pinot Noir and you’re in hog heaven. Yes, indeed. I said it… hog heaven. 

Filet Mignon in Mushroom Wine Sauce

If you are eating a filet mignon Valentine’s Day dinner, you are one of the luckiest people alive. You’re eating one of the best cuts of steak there is. Cook this and elevate the evening. The filet calls for a good bottle of dry wine. Have your guest pick up a Merlot or Sangiovese.  

Ribs – No Bone 

Some people prefer short ribs to ribs with bone. If you cook as I cook, the meat falls off the bone anyway, so who needs it? Besides being tender, the ribs are especially tasty. Serve short ribs with rice, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, mash potatoes (cauliflower puree), or spicy broccoli and a glass of white wine.   

Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

I hope you enjoy at least one of these Valentine’s Day recipes. It’s been a blast describing them to you. Oh, don’t forget everybody’s favorite part of the dinner… the sweet stuff and the wine. Serve the above meals with desserts such as the ever-popular Red Velvet Cake, peach cobbler, chocolate-covered strawberries, brownies, or Vodka chocolate-covered strawberries.

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