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Having love and commitment in marriage requires more effort than you thought at the beginning. Sometimes, it’s hard to make commitments and live up to your wedding vows your entire life. Life changes and what you once felt could now be very demanding. 

So, what can you do to help smooth things so it’s a good marriage?

Read this article and find 10 commitments for a good marriage. I hope it’s useful advice that can help you restore your marriage. You’ll learn the importance of commitment in marriage and which ones will boost your marriage goals.

We Will Make Commitment Before Marriage

It is crucial that you both have the same goals before marriage and that you are aware of the goals you each have for the future. Marriage is a lifetime commitment so you need to think before you take that big step in life. It will be easier for you if you agree on some basic rules and make a commitment before marriage. 

It’s also easier if you announce your decisions personally and intimately before marriage in front of others. This way you’ll be more conscientious when you are alone. You can always add more as time goes.

Rewards for Keeping a Commitment in Marriage 

When you make a promise, it doesn’t mean that your first commitment has to stay the same until you’re 99. People change and situations that you are in changes. When you feel that you make more of an effort to solve a problem or a situation without drama, you can reward yourself. Go to dinner or just take some time for yourselves – this will have an impact of faithfulness on marriage and help you keep positive thoughts. Also, keep the Creator first in your marriage, remember to thank Him and always pray for each other.  

Communicate to Boost the Commitment in Marriage 

Promise each other that you will communicate even if you don’t want to. When you argue, allow your partner that time if one needs to leave to put distance between you two to calm down. You can’t find a solution in the heat of an argument.

Sometimes, you may say something to hurt the other person, and in that case, you can`t reach an agreement especially if they are not listening to you. Communication and honesty are two keys to resolving differences and keeping to your marriage commitment vows. Learn how to choose your action and not let your emotions take over you.  

The Power of Commitment in Marriage 

Remember that you are on the same team and not opponents. This means that when problems occur, you have to talk through it and not offend or blame the other person for it. Sometimes, it is easier for you to blame the other one, especially if you feel bad or if their behavior hurts you. But, you have to remember that people can have a bad day and that they say something they don’t mean. Working in the same team means that you can save half of the energy and solve the problem with the help and view of your partner.

We Will Value Our Spouse’s Work

People can take someone’s job or career for granted and this is particularly seen if you are together for a long time. Yet, appreciating each other’s work can help you maintain a marriage and a positive spirit. This doesn’t mean just nodding your head when they talk about their job,  or saying how proud you are for something they did, but actually listening to what they say and be a part of that life. Praise their achievements or reward them personally when you can, especially in front of the others. That will help them feel better and have more consciousness, and it may also encourage others to do the same.

Make the Commitment in Marriage to Value Each Other

Why is it important to value each other in marriage although you have made that promise already? It’s possible you will get into a routine and forget about that magical feeling you both had in the beginning. You value each other when you give in although you know you’re right in an argument. More so, you show that you value each other by spending quality time together. 

It wouldn’t hurt either if you gave them a little token of appreciation. Although you have common activities, you show value by appreciating each other’s freedom.

We Will Acknowledge Our Flaws

This is a very personal commitment because you have to think about your behavior and how it affects your significant other. This means you need to work on yourself and think about your flaws. Once you are aware of your shortcomings, start working on them and improving yourself. You can’t do it alone so talk with your partner about what he or she can do to help you. Do it calmly and avoid arguing over it.

Make the Commitment in Marriage to Support Each Other

This commitment is very similar to valuing each other, but this also involves situations that are not just about two of you but are from your work or family situation. Always support them and show that you will be there no matter what.

The Commitment in Marriage includes Intimacy

Keeping a relationship physical means that you will continue to provide affection and passion. Yes, you know that your partner will always be by your side, but touching or showing love towards one another will help you feel closer and more intimate.

Marriages Pleases God

Staying together in prayer means staying in the marriage. Marriage is a commitment to God.  When two people get married, they show God that they love Him. N. Wilson, author of, A Beautiful Doorway states: “The wedding ceremony is not an end in itself. In fact, marriage is not an end in itself. Marriage is a means of serving and glorifying God. Young women who view marriage as their chief goal are turning the wedding and the married state into an idol. God planned for marriage to be a blessed state of mutual service to Him.”

Author Tribute

This blog was written by Susan Davis and edited by Mikki Donaldson. Susan is a budding writer and blogger who has committed her life to publishing articles to help married couples and families bond and overcome marital problems. You can see more from Susan by visiting this blog here.   


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