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What is creative visualization meditation? It’s purposely visualizing particular changes, events, or situations in order to manifest them into reality.

Meditation and visualization are both mental exercises that have some of the same characteristics but they also have some differences. Meditation involves deep concentration and relaxation. It allows you to clear your mind and focus on breathing. 

In 1992, the “American Journal of Psychiatry” published a study that claimed meditation reduced feelings of anxiety and panic.

Visualization is also mental imagery in that it is practicing or repeating mental images. Though not all meditation exercises involve visualization, continuously repeating these images, words or phrases will create a mindset ready to accept the changes.

How Positive Visualization Meditation Works

How to attract wealth into your life? Simply, with the Law of Attraction principles. With this technique you can draw the things you want out of life to you. 

Visualization meditation is a combination of two techniques that manifest dreams. Visualization and meditation uses controlled breathing exercises and visualization techniques. It sharpens your ability to focus and to stay calm.  

Many people are using visualization techniques to lose weight, quit smoking and to gain wealth. Whatever you want to do, it should be positive. Once you determine your goals, find a comfortable seating area free of distractions.

Paint a Picture

You probably already imagine the future, but now imagine it in great detail because you really have a say. Remember, you are the pilot. Wherever you want to go, you can… that’s the reality is. So, after saying this, picture your dreams as though they were happening right now. 

Have Positive Thoughts

You have the potential to manifest a life full of riches and infinite richness, but you have to eliminate negatives from your brain and your life. The secret to manifestation is being able to manipulate the changes that will occur. You are more likely to make the changes happen if you see the changes, or control them in your head.

At the same time, if you can’t see your dreams or goals coming to life, you can’t achieve it. With this in mind, eliminate self-doubt and worry. If you think about what can go wrong, it just might go wrong.

Use Your Senses

While you’re thinking about what you want, indulge as many of the five senses to work with you. See it, smell it, touch it, hear it and taste it. Repeat as often as you can.

Do it first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and at night before going to sleep. It only takes about 10 minutes or less. To get the best results, you must be devoted to seeing this through. If you combine visualization meditation with affirmations, you may get stronger results.

How to Use Visualization Meditation Techniques for Success

Visualization meditation techniques are not magic tricks or magic spells. You are actually doing all the work to bring forth a goal. What visualization does is create the right mindset and attitude to help you fulfill your dreams. Visualization changes the way you see things in a more positive light. You can accomplish anything you want when you learn visualization meditation. 

Be Excited About Your Dreams

When you think about your life, do you know what you want? Hopefully, because there isn’t anything worse than getting what you want and not being ready to receive it, but remember to choose one area of your life. You can’t fix everything all at once. 

Well, in case your goals are in order, remove any restrictions you have on them and concentrate on positive results. It’s okay to ask for the vintage Jaguar or the fully customized Bentley. If you’re not already excited about it, get excited. 

How you feel is extremely important to visualization meditation so pour on the passion. Read some power of visualization success stories for stimulation. 

Visualize Often

Use visualization techniques in the present tense. Be optimistic and express gratitude. The purpose of visualization meditation is to cultivate your dreams before they come true. It can be hard to do with disturbances by your phone and doorbell but try meditating on your dreams for a minute or two during the day. However, if you can, do it longer, but don’t beat yourself if you can’t. 

Look at Yourself

You should relax, or lie down and close your eyes when you begin to practice visualization techniques. Set the scene together as the director of a film that you want to see. Make films that last only for a minute. See the dream out of your body as you imagine it. In other words, see yourself succeeding from the point of view of another person.

It’s all about the Details

How to visualize what you want? What do you want to visualize? Imagine as many details about your goal as possible. Put together your affirmations with specific images. If you want to live on an island, imagine the sea, the plants, the sand, the culture and even the air. Put a collage together to recall what you intend to accomplish. Post it so you can see it every day. Concentrate on keywords and images. You can kill with one stone two birds in this way. You can speak your dreams while you see them. Whatever you do, don’t be vague. Be totally positive about the outcome or it won’t work.

Live the Life

Does creative visualization really work? You must believe in yourself if you’re going to achieve any goal in life. If you want to make the change, start behaving as though it has already happened. Talk the talk and walk the walk, plus dress like the person you aspire to be.

Mikki’s Final Thoughts on Visualization Meditation for Success

Remember, if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. It’s that simple, well, reasonably so. Just remember, visualization is not magic and you can’t control other people’s feelings or emotions. It’s still up to the Creator if He will allow certain things to happen.

If you don’t know how to deal with small situations, he’s not going to give you something large. With that in mind, be realistic and reasonable and don’t expect a million dollars to fall from the sky. That’s simply not going to happen, okay. Unless Drake gets in a helicopter and drops money his seat. In that case, I hope he’s visiting my town.

But don’t give up on your dream if it’s not coming to fruition right away. These things take time. Be consistent while you’re using visualization meditation. Don’t give up if what you’re asking for isn’t becoming a reality in a short time. You should be patient and continue to have faith.


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