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What kind of activities that encourage attachment do you favor? There are so many to choose from it could be confusing and tiring at the same time. You want to do something that shows how much you care for your offspring so choose carefully. 

The bond between parent and child is something special so, it keeps you going even when you’re tired or sick. When that bond is strong, it fills you and your child with love and happiness. Spending time together will definitely build attachment with your child. There are so many fun activities that encourage attachment and make love stronger, you can be sure you’ll have something to do all year long.

But when you’re going through tough times such as financial problems, sickness, births or deaths, move or divorce, it can affect children as well as adults. It’s unfortunate that if not handled correctly, a bond between a child and parent can break. When you have this disconnect, children often feel insecure, lonely and even anxious or afraid. It’s common to see them act out or start to misbehave. 

I want to share with you some simple activities that encourage attachment you can do with your child to strengthen the bond between you two. They will make both of you smile.

Activities to strengthen parent child relationship

The study examined 10 minutes of attachment enhancing play or Theraplay. After 14 days, the adult-child relationships improved. Socially and emotionally, both parent and child, grew closer to each other by using games and activities that challenged them all the while nurturing the child. They looked at the four essential qualities in parent/child relationships; structure, nurture, engagement, and challenge. 


Swimming in warm water is definitely one of those relaxing parent child bonding games you look forward to on a hot, sunny day. If your child doesn’t know how to swim you can teach him but without forcing anything. 

Let your child embrace you and slowly take them through the lower end of the pool so they feel safe. When they are ready, show them how to blow bubbles out of their mouths, and practice their strokes and breathing exercises. This is one of the best activities that encourage attachment a child could learn from his parent. When they learn, everyone will be proud and happy.

Play Catch

It’s okay if you don’t have a ball. Use balloons instead. Besides, they are safer to throw around if you’re playing in the home. You’re less likely to break anything of value. Use a couple of balloons and juggle the balls or play a little game of volleyball. 

Makeup makeovers 

One of my favorite parent-child interaction activities is makeovers. Both little and big girls love to have a spa day. Slice the cucumbers, make the sugar scrubs from scratch and soak your feet in warm soapy water. While your favorite customer is sitting there, use lotion to massage the stress away. Yes, children have stress, too. Work it into their hands and feet as a part of the mani/pedi. Don’t forget the plush robes, furry slippers, big towels, sparkling water and champagne glasses.  

Hosting the tea party  

If you have a daughter then you know that preparing a tea party for you and the Barbie girls is a very important event. Your daughter will be the hostess and you and the Barbie girls are guests. If you thought of improving the father daughter relationship, let your daughter take charge. Sit back and enjoy a nice cup of imaginary tea. The best activities that encourage attachment come from the imagination so let yours run free! 

Play Hide and Seek 

Hide and Seek gives the child the reassurance that although you may leave, you’ll be coming back. The game reinforces the idea that it’s okay to let their parents go. 

Playing game tables

Mark from Foosball zone says most boys aren’t interested in tea parties, but they are interested in game tables. One of the best game tables for him is foosball. Play foosball with him, show him a few tricks and he will look at you like you are his shero. You will remember that look of admiration for the rest of your life and the positive child parent attachment it left in your heart.

Sharing stories from your childhood

Talking about your childhood will make your child realize that you were a kid once, just like them. Talk about the adventures you had and the good and bad experiences; talk about your friends and the games you used to play. Share your childhood dreams, the name of your first pet and everything you can think of. That way your child will learn something more about you and feel closer to you. 

Dance till You Drop

Even if you don’t have any rhythm, your child will have so much fun with you dancing offbeat. Besides, they won’t judge you. You can make up a routine or pop in a dance video and workout to it. It’s one way to implement your exercise routine in your day. 

Reading books before bedtime

After a day filled with fun and learning activities that encourage attachment, your little one is likely extremely tired. Still, there is something else you can do to strengthen your relationship and that is share a bedtime story. 

Gently tuck your child in bed and read their favorite fairy tale or you make one up. To keep it interesting, change voices when another character appears. Just don’t forget who’s voice belongs to which character!

How good is your memory? 

When it comes to attachment enhancing activities, it’s hard to beat some children in this game. There are so many ways you can play memory, it’s ridiculous. You can challenge your child to find the differences in what changes you make in the room or on your person. You can use playing cards or flashcards to find mates. It’s up to you what rewards there are for winning the game. 

My Final Thoughts on Activities that Encourage Attachment

If you had to describe your relationship with your child, what would you answer? Sometimes, we are not as close as we want to be. Then there are other times when we feel as though the child could be too close. Finding that happy medium can be difficult, but activities that encourage attachment will help you build the relationship you want to have with them.

Reading bedtime stories strengthens the bond between parent and child or teaching him or her a new skill will shed new light on your level of awesomeness. All it takes is just being there. Interacting with a child changes things. Try it sometimes instead of merely sharing space with them. These games don’t cost much, but can provide a lifetime of memories. So, don’t worry about the mess you’re going to make. Hey, I gotta go… it’s after 11, time to check out. Take care! 


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