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Praying for a future husband is a personal ritual but praying period will help you mature in the Christian faith and draw you closer to God. It isn’t only for your needs, but for your loved ones. Not only for close family members and friends, but for people who despise you.

Why do we pray? People pray for different reasons, but mainly, they pray to change things for the better. For some, prayer is a daily strength that motivates them for everything they do and all the problems they face in a day. For others, it’s the way they communicate with God and strengthen their faith. Some of us pray specifically and as we should when we want something really bad or need something in particular. 

God said man was not meant to be alone. However, that’s not to say He was speaking about women. Some women have a hard time being alone and feel that having a partner will complete them and so, they pray for a mater.

There’s nothing wrong with praying for a spouse. Praying for a future husband should be look upon as a religious ritual that you can do every day and almost anywhere. You can pray at home, in your car or at your workplace. To enhance your prayers, do it at a designated time and place every day.

Some people are consistent, but because of a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget. Once you keep forgetting, it’s not uncommon that you will move further away from God. If you’re honest, you’ll notice that praying will lack the passion it once had. 

Verses like Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart should give you hope. But, to be honest, not every woman will get married. God doesn’t even promise that He will give every woman a husband.

Still, if you’re praying for a future husband, you’ll grow spiritually before you notice it. Single women find comfort and hope when they say a prayer to meet a husband. Today I want to share with you how to pray for your husband and give you a list of prayers you can say for your life companion once you meet and marry him. 

Why Pray For Your Husband?

It’s okay to pray for your needs, but always think of your loved ones, especially your future husband. He is the person you’ll live with and his behavior can affect you. Praying for your future husband can help you understand his needs, and you’ll be more thoughtful toward him. Also, knowing that you pray and think of him as a significant support will mean a lot to him. This can change your relationship and it may encourage him to pray for you, too.

How Often To Pray For A Husband?

Praying for your future husband isn’t something that you can measure. You can have a strict schedule when you want to pray for him or pray when you remember throughout the day. To help you concentrate and pray every morning, write the prayer on a sheet of paper and keep it on your nightstand. Also, say quick prayers that you can remember during the day. There isn’t the perfect prayer, but the one that is told.

Before you continue fasting and praying for a future husband, look at what some wives did to pray for a husband. It may work for you, too. 

Praying for Your Future Husband

Write your prayer request down on a white sheet of paper. When you write your prayer request to God, be specific about the husband you dream about and need in your life, such as asking for a Godly man, for instance. Here are more examples of the qualities you should include in your prayer: 

  • One who will love you, has a sense of humor, and will respect you. 
  • Ask for a good-looking man, one to whom you’re attracted and has a pleasing personality.
  • He should not be abusive, physically or mentally. 
  • A man who is ready to settle down, one who will not cheat and has a positive relationship with his family and Christ and not necessarily in that order.
  • Fold the letter or request up and pray to God over it.
  • When you’re satisfied over the prayer, take it and bury it in the ground.
  • Confide in a couple of your closest friends what you have done and ask them who talk to God to pray for a husband for you. God doesn’t hear every prayer, so make sure you have Godly people praying with you.
  • Pray and don’t stop praying for a future husband. Pray every day until God answers your appeals.
  • Don’t always accept the first man you meet as Mr. Right. Satan will play dirty tricks on you and will send the wrong men. 

Now pay attention to what I’m about to say because this is highly important: You’ve got to ask God to prepare you for this man. Be a good wife BEFORE you meet. Be a good wife or a wonderful woman before you take on a good husband. Once you’ve done this, don’t worry about it. Let go and let God do His thing.

I know some of you say it will be a miracle if Sis ever gets married (just joking). It may look dim the older she gets, but it’s possible… all things are possible through Christ, right? But are you really ready for a Godly man? Check this video out before you answer that question.

If you still think you’re ready to take the big plunge, there are some things you need to do first.

Things to Pray for Your Future Husband

How do you pray for God’s husband? While you’re praying for a future husband, it is important to ask for his strength. The husband is usually the person who faces arduous tasks and obligations, so he needs strength and guidance to endure them all and stay a caring and loving husband. You can pray to support his work and his creativity, too. It is important to be grateful for his job and effort he’s putting into it.

Praying For Husband’s Courage

Husbands, especially African-American men, need to be courageous in everyday situations, so pray for his audacity. It doesn’t mean he needs courage to confront someone, but to maintain his views, values and morals and stick to them. He needs the fortitude to confront the reality of the times and have faith that everything will be alright. 

Prayer To Be The Wife Your Husband Needs

You should direct not all prayers for your future husband about him. Pray for you to be a good wife. Everyday prayer will remind you to be conscious, to be peaceful, understanding, tolerant, and supportive in any situation.

Prayer To Avoid Temptation

Nowadays, you can easily meet new people using social networks and get into risky situations. There’s temptation all over the place. Half naked pictures of other women leaves nothing to the imagination. Keep praying for a future husband that will have the strength to avoid temptation. Ask him to be honest with you and tell you his worries. That will help you have more trust in him and pray for his worst fears.

Prayer For His Passions

Man isn’t just passionate in bed. Other passions in his life allow him to relax and to be happy. They will drive him through life and expand his views and creativity. Pray for your husband to be passionate in his work, hobbies or relationships. Praying for your future husband and wishing him well will affect your relationship and his passion for you, too. 

Pray To Get God’s Husband

Before you even have met the love of your life, pray to meet God’s husband. It can be very hard to wait for the perfect person for you, but waiting and praying for your future husband will be worth it when you meet the person who understands you and takes care of you.

Praying For Godly Marriage

Living in a Godly marriage is the most comforting solution for your married life. But remember that two people living together doesn’t mean they are feeling the same or are on the same level of faith. 

Godly marriages need a lot of love and support, so why don’t you start with yourself? Keep praying for your future husband and stay Godly so you can be an encouragement to your husband and the wife he needs you to be.

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Everyday Prayer

Praying for your future husband should be almost like having a conversation with God about your relationship. You don’t have to stick with the same prayer every day, but understand it to be a personal meditation. Also, you can express your gratitude and happiness for having him in your life, which will help you be more positive from the early morning.

Prayer For Problems In Marriage

Marriage isn’t perfect, and the sooner you accept it, the easier it will be when problems first occur. Work can affect problems in marriage, poor relationships with people around you, frustrations about money or children. Even if you are mad at your husband, pray for him. This will lower your anger and help you see things from his point of view. Also, you can solve any problem if you think deeply enough about it and have that conversation.


Praying for your future husband should be the everyday ritual that gives you the strength to cope with problems and situations in a relationship. You can learn prayer by heart or say little prayers of gratitude during the day. Say a prayer for every his need, but don’t forget your role and pray for you to be a good and tolerant wife.

About the Guest Author: 

Linda Davis is a mother of two who enjoys spending her free time with her husband and children in nature or cooking delicious meals for them. She loves to share her experience with others, so she started writing. If you are interested in her work, check it out on KitchenToast.

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