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When the keto diet started, it received phenomenal backing and overwhelming coverage. Among its diligent subscribers and fans are A-lister celebrities and reality stars such as Meghan Fox and Bryan Abasolo, who have also tried the eca stack. With high profile support, there is no reason to doubt the success of this regimen. A keto meal plan advocates fewer carbs (approximately 5% of your diet) and more fats (about 75%).

In response to the minimal carbs intake, the body starts to burn fat as an energy source in a ketosis process (where the keto meal plan derives its name). 

But not all high profile personalities buy in what some call a fad, including Dr. Terry Tubrow. The botched surgeon refers to it as a “stupid diet.” He said the diet is not practically sustainable. 

Tamara Judge also tried the Keto regimen but quit; she experienced a “keto flu” characterized by fatigue, headaches, nausea, and dizziness. 

Let’s look into the celebrities who have tried it since the keto diet meal plan started.

Bryan Abasolo

The reality star and eventual winner of the thirteenth season of the Bachelorette shared a glimpse of his keto diet plan on social media. Bryan shared the meal plan for his breakfast and dinner. His regimen comprises low carbs and high rich foods such as bacon, eggs, olive oil-colored breakfast. And an equally delicious dinner with salmon, walnuts, and cauliflower rice.

Melissa McCarthy

Mellissa McCarthy has done a remarkable job in the weight loss department. And your guess is as good as mine; she did it with the help of the keto diet.

Back in 2016, she lost more than 70 pounds through the meal plan. McCarthy adhered to the regimen, and it paid off eventually.

Drew Carrey

Drew’s situation is one of those inspiring weight loss journeys after he lost 100 pounds. This incredible weight loss has tongues wagging, and the rumor mills even claimed it was surgery.

However, Carrey admitted that he lost the weight through a clean keto diet.

Vanessa Hudgens

After she lost ten pounds in a month, she said that the low carbs contributed to her impressive weight loss. Vanessa is excited about her body, especially after beginning a diet.

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Meghan Fox

She has adhered to the strict no-carb diet, only taking coffee once a day. The results have been remarkable. Since then, she appreciates the keto diet.

She believes the high fat starts some wonderfully inspiring chemistry right within your body. Here’s some of the foods in the diet plan. 

Summary: Keto Diet for Weight Loss 

The keto diet is widely supported, as seen with the celebrities above. Millions have adapted to the diet all over the world. And they are reporting excellent results.

The good thing is the keto diet for vegetarians or even a keto diet and alcohol handled in the right way. You should also try out this diet, especially if you want to lose more pounds.


Author’s bio: Adam Reeve is a professional personal trainer and fitness instructor with over ten years in the industry. Adam is also a life coach, wellness writer, and low carb diet enthusiast.


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