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What are twin flames? Well, let me ask you this: Have you ever met someone and you felt like time stopped or slowed down enough so there was hardly any movement at all? Well, that could have been one of the first signs you have met your twin soul. 

When you first laid eyes on each other, there was this instant attraction that drew you to each other. It was like you knew that person already, but couldn’t remember where you met before. The twin soul connection is strong. It’s one of the most intense relationships you’ll ever have in your life. But since no two relationships are the same, how do I know if I found my twin flame?  

Twin Flame Signs 

The feeling was comfortable. Since it was like deja vu or destiny, the twin flame relationship stages will develop rather quickly. And because you can relax with each other, it all seems to fall into place. Oh, you should know that twin flames aren’t always lovers, they can be friends. It’s more about growing spiritually than anything. This relationship is different from that of a soul mate, so don’t confuse the two. 

You’ll know you’re twin flames because you’ll know what they are feeling and thinking and they will also know what you’re doing and thinking. It’s weird, I know, but twin flame telepathy is pretty cool. 

Twin flames will have a lot in common and I mean a lot! I’m talking about things that happened in your past as a child. Not only that but you will share the same interest and the same morals as an adult. No, this is not a coincidence. You’re similar in a lot of ways. 

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What are twin flame relationships like? You feel connected on so many levels with this person that sex with them is incredible. It’s that stuff that sex that makes you cry and every time is unlike no other. It’s intense and passionate. 

Yes, it’s safe to say there’s a definite chemistry between the souls, but regardless of lustful feelings, there will still be twin flame relationship problems. As twin flames, you’ll have some of the same weaknesses and faults. Additionally, you can see some of your old behaviors in your partner or your present patterns. 

On the other hand, if you’re not similar, you will complement the other person. Recognizing your twin soul is like seeing your shadow or image in a photograph. Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa and Denzel and Pauletta Washington have that twin flame thing going on. Jeremiah Brent and Nate Berkus look so much alike they could be brothers! But anyway… You’ll know because twin flames love is different. 

Twin flames will support each other and help fulfill your divine purpose in life. This person will naturally mirror your soul. It’s not rehearsed. This is for real. Your flame will do the same things and think the same thoughts as you. Being with them is like being with yourself, only you can see and touch the other person. 

However, in all its goodness, there will be challenges. Everyone will go through tough times, including healthy relationships. These couples have their share of disagreements as well, however, there will also be healing in the twin flame stages

How does that happen? 

It happens because you’re their mirror image. Because the other person can see your soul, they help heal your insecurities and wash away your fears. The same thing happens to your partner. They receive healing as well. Does this sound like something that’s happening to you? 

Final Thoughts on What is Twin Flame Love 

While relationships are difficult, they teach us something. If you have had twin flame relationships before, you won’t look at other encounters the same. Trust and believe that. I’ve had one flame and one soul mate.

I could smell king coming, I didn’t need a telephone to call him. There was this feeling that came over me and I just knew. Although we never had an argument, we disagreed a few times. The relationship ran its course of about 13 years.

If you got that in a lover, do what you can to keep them until you fulfill the purpose. These twin flame relationships don’t always last. Twin flames mainly come together to help each other through a situation or stage in life. They help each other grow. When they don’t last, just appreciate the time you spent together and learn from it. Well, that’s all I’m going to say about that. It’s time to check out. See ya’ later. Take care of yourself like you take care of others. 😉 

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