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The fact that grandparents are raising their grandchildren says a lot about the child’s parents. No one knows the importance of grandparents in children’s life more than I, but at some point, parents need to be held accountable for their actions.

While this article aims to show how important grandparents are, it also shows that they have needs of their own. When you’re done raising your kids, you just want to be more spontaneous and free. Some parents think their parents should have significant roles in their grandchild’s life, but grandparents aren’t responsible for raising their kid’s offspring. Yeah, no… that’s not our job. 

Some grandparents take care of their grands because the parents are trying to get their life together for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s because of a toxic addiction, sickness, or divorce. This allows the grandchild and the grandparent to spend quality time with one another.

The love between a grandparent and a grandchild is different from how she feels about her kids. It’s unconditional, though. The impact of grandparents on a child’s development is profoundly important. Still, grandparents today are not like the ones generations ago. No, indeed. Back in the day it was no problem if you smoked around the child or even if they didn’t wear a seat belt. Now, you can go to jail for doing that. The grandparents role has changed, too.

The Value of Grandparents 

Kristen Sturt, senior editor at Grandparents.com, knows the importance of grandparents in children’s life. She says, “grandparents are often able to relax around grandchildren and be themselves in a way they couldn’t as parents.” Strong ties with grandparents can benefit children whose circumstances are not stable.

Grandparents now, on the other hand, are choosing when they want to deal with their grands and not the other way around.

Grandparents Influence on Grandchildren

Well, if you trust your Bible, it says grandparents are blessings sent straight from God Himself. Children are a blessing to not only their parents to their grandparents. In fact, some call it “the most beautiful relationship” between a child and an adult.

Kids need teachers who spread the word of God and this is why children need grandparents. If you’re living the life He intended, you’re sober and you behave in such a manner that is pleasing to Him. Parents, husbands, and wives are expected to train children in the ways of God so they may live abundantly and fulfill their purpose in life.

Be that as it may, some grandparents are not into babysitting or teaching Sunday school. They patiently wait for the day they can retire and keeping the little ones is not on their agenda, at least, not every day. Still this doesn’t take away from the importance of grandparents in children’s life.

The Uninvolved Grandparent

Grandparents are not as old as they used to be, and you can tell that by grandparents’ names: Mimi, GiGi, GlamMa, GRANDma, and Nana. Men are giving new meaning to the nicknames “Pops” and “Poppy.”

With careful planning, Baby Boomers are retiring earlier and taking the world by storm. Yes indeed! We’re cruising, earning frequent flyer miles, and making tracks on the railways. For when it comes to fishing, we still fish; we just do it differently.

Grandparents Cry Wolf

I don’t know how many times I heard my mom say that she was broke and had a few grand in the bank while she was on a fixed income. Well, one way she held on to money was to say she didn’t have any. That was so people wouldn’t ask for money, but we knew better.

But then there are some people who don’t have the money to spare, therefore, they don’t take their grandchild out to shop or to eat regularly like other kids get to do with their Pawpaw’s and Mee-maws. But not being able to have a lavish lifestyle has nothing to do with the importance of grandparents in children’s life.

Grandparents Want Their Freedom

While some grandparents can’t wait to see their little ones, you have the ones who can. Some grands look at grandchildren as a way to straighten things with their own, however, you fried that chicken already and when it’s done, it’s done. You can’t go back in time. You can do good with your grands, however, but that doesn’t make it right with your child. Sorry.

If you’re like me, you did what you had to do, and raised your child(ren). But now that your child is old enough, they need to take care of their responsibilities and our children need to leave us alone.

Grandparents Role

Raising little people isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. You have to put up with attitudes, potty training, spit-ups, doctor’s appointments, and all that jazz. It’s really the last thing I want to do again. I don’t want to go to my own appointments, let along pack bottles and formula.

Kids just don’t think about having children; it affects everyone most of the time. However, when they think, they are thinking about the wrong thing. Why do they think their parents want to keep their kids, especially if they have health problems? I love mine, I really do, but I’m not into keeping another living soul. 

Not even the cats. They need to go. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a high importance of grandparents in children’s life, but what about the grandparents’ life? Isn’t that important, too? 

It’s an argument I’m having with my grown child now. I don’t want the babysitting job. I only had one child because of the responsibilities. I was a single parent, and if it wasn’t for my mom; I don’t know what I would have done. But there’s one enormous difference in the two cases: My mom volunteered to raise my daughter and threatened to turn me in to DHS if I fought her. I was 16 and I smoked weed. So if you think I was going to say, “No,” please, rethink your answer! LOL

The Importance of Grandparents and Grown Children

Personally, I’ve given a lot of my life to helping my grown daughter raise a 19 year and 9-year-old twins. (I repeat “grown daughter because she’s always telling me she’s a “grown ass woman” LOL). 

Well, I want to do grown things myself. It’s time for me to do what I want to do in life. My mother transitioned last year and after taking care of her, I’m ready to go fishing… in the Caribbean. To be honest, my health is not good and I don’t want to sit with nobody’s kids. 

Hell, I forgot them the other day. I left the house and forgot about them. I’m glad we discussed what to do if this happened so they went to the neighbor’s house. I called to warn her and sure enough, they had just showed up on her doorstep. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining or extremely cold outside and I wasn’t very far away. 

Grandparent’s Conclusion

But listen up all you so-called grown people, it’s not the grandparents’ responsibility to help you take care of your kids. That’s for you and the kid’s father. Say he’s a deadbeat? What fault is that of mine? While I realize the importance of grandparents in children’s life, think about what kind of father you want for your kids before you spread your legs. I took my pills faithfully, had my tubes tied, and got a hysterectomy because I didn’t want any more children! 

I have a debilitating disease, and I want to live my life before I die. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so, but my daughter is constantly thinking of ways how I can be responsible for her kids when she insists I didn’t raise her right! Now, isn’t that something?

Some children really have life backwards. When it’s all said and done, I still don’t think anyone is thinking about the importance of grandparents in children’s life more than I. There is a small part of me that feels guilty, but it is a small part. 

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