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I bet there are times when you wonder what does it mean when a guy asks what you’re wearing?” And now that we’ve actually met Jake from State Farm, a lot of women are excited to see exactly what Jake is wearing and are asking men the same question. So, are the responses the same for women as it is for men? I don’t think so.

Men ask these questions because they are generally visual creatures who can be savvy sensual individuals. So, what does a woman’s outfit say to members of the opposite? Let’s talk about it.

What are U Wearing or Rather, Not Wearing?

When a woman strips in front of a man, he hopes she reveals something reaction worthy. For some men, actually seeing some matching lingerie would be a welcome change.

So, if you’re having a slump in the bedroom, know that lacy lingerie boosts sex appeal. It makes a woman look and feel sexy and desirable. When a guy asks what you’re wearing, he’s really saying something else. What you’re wearing has a way of mixing things up to make your love life better.

Plain backless see through lacy lingerie
Something as plain as this backless see-through lacy lingerie can make a difference in your partner’s response on date night.

Lingerie is a turn-on for most men and can be flattering on any woman. It doesn’t matter her shape or size. Lingerie is a form of foreplay. Women love it because he’s aroused and they didn’t have to say or do anything but show up.

Some of you may remember back in the day when people looked at fishnets pantyhose and thought of sleazy women wearing them. Well, without the vision of the old lady on the streets, there is still a certain appeal men say they love. It could be the association with risqué behavior that stimulates him or it could be a woman’s attitude and confidence in the bedroom that makes him stand at attention.

Now that He Asked, What are Women Wearing?

When a guy asks what you’re wearing he’s hoping to see you in clothing that clings to your body. They like pencil skirts, tight blue jeans, and bodycon dresses. They are their favorites because they are form fitting. They don’t care how her body looks, they just want to see curves.

Now, a woman who knows a thing or two about her body and fashion can make a plastic bag look good on her. Okay. It all goes back to playing up one’s assets, not necessary what you’re wearing. When asked, all men agreed that the classic ‘little black dress‘ was an excellent choice.

western shirt plain pencil two piece set
Men love fitted pencil skirts as much as we do, so wear more of them!

They prefer shoes that create the right height and a cute little wiggle when she walks. They also said a woman who took two hours to put on her makeup was a huge turnoff. Not only that, but men look at baggy pants and jeans and think it’s too masculine. If you thought your mini mini skirt was provocative, think again, girlfriend.

If you’re trying to attract a husband, it’s not the right outfit to wear but especially not around his boys or his colleagues. You’re sending the wrong signals and he won’t appreciate the fellas calling you names. So, avoid having him defend your honor and leave the hoochie momma clothes to the hoochie mommas.

What to Say to a Guy When He Asks What You’re Wearing

Efton Geary is a relationship coach who’s been happily married now for over 20 yrs. He says when a guy asks what are you wearing right now,” he’s flirting with you. It’s a game and he wants you to play along with him. He wants you to describe what you have on and he wants details. He certainly does not want a sarcastic response to what are you wearing.

So, the next time he asks, don’t hold back. Tell him what are u wearing and how the hem of your dress shows a little thigh. Describe how your shirt is just a tad too little and the buttons on your shirt opens so he can peep in. Give him that visual tease he wants. It’s a way to excite your significant other and to add to the conversation when you’re a million miles away from home. This is a great way to get him turned on.

How He Sees You and Response to What are You Wearing Today

What does a man really want a woman’s outfit to reflect? When a guy asks what you’re wearing it’s because men fantasize about women all the time! He wants his woman to look pretty enough to be his girlfriend; cute enough his sister will give him thumbs up; confident enough his mother will love her and sultry enough to be his life partner.

A woman’s clothes and hair says a lot about her lifestyle and confidence. Her hair and make-up says a lot about her sense of style and sophistication. Her fragrance and 4 inch heels bring out her personality.

When a guy asks what you’re wearing, women should learn how to change the subject if they are not comfortable. If they are down for playing the game, give him a flirty answer to what are you wearing. Men are almost always thinking about doing it and will almost certainly direct the conversation straight in that direction.

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