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10 Signs Nobody Likes You, My Friend

Most people hang out in groups. We have a small circle of friends and mainly, everyone gets along. But in each group, you’ll find people either like you a lot or nobody likes you, although some people will pretend they do.

Are you the friend nobody likes? They call this person Karen. Nobody likes a Karen and people are always talking behind her back. No one wants her around, but the moment they can’t find anyone to hang out with, they call her. The backstabbing buddies will talk badly about her, yet they need her to make themselves feel better.

Do your friends gossip about you when you’re not around? Are you the Karen in your group? I’m the friend nobody likes in my group. If you want to find out if your friends like you or not, look at the following signs. You’ll know by the way people treat you if they like you or not. You need not read the signs, but if you recognize any of them, you’ll know for sure nobody likes you.

  1. Your friends are always making fun of you, saying you’re the group’s Karen, although they know you’re not cool with being called this name. I used to think nobody likes my company because I speak my mind, but my friends surprise me sometimes and say how proud they are of me because I’m not afraid to stand my ground and they wish they were more outspoken. 
  2. When you share the wonderful news you sold 100 cars in a month, but no one in the group acts like they give a damn, but they think Sharon’s drawing of the stickman deserves a glass display in the local art gallery.
  3. You’re the only one who is calling or texting, and no one answers you back. If no one talks to me unless I speak to them, I will stop calling them. If they don’t ever return the call, I will lose their number.
  4. You call people in your click to get together, but everyone is busy no matter when you say you want to hang out. They swear they will call, and all of you will get together soon, but if you’re like me, you’re left feeling as though nobody likes my company.
  5. When you walk into the room, it suddenly goes quiet, and everyone is staring at you or refusing to make eye contact with you. It’s so obvious no one wants to talk to me, and it’s hurtful, but I’m grateful because now I know who is my friend and who is not.
  6. This one particular friend only talks to me when she has no one else to call on. She is single right now while everyone has a bae or boo. We are the only ones at home on a Friday night with a Netflix movie and popcorn.
  7. You noticed you see none of your friend’s posts anymore on social media, so you check to see if you’re still friends. There are tons of posts you’ve missed, but wonder how when you scroll the news feed thoroughly every day? You start to think maybe they blocked you from seeing their posts and commenting on them. This is more common than you may think. When you confront them, they say they made another page and forgot to send a friend request, but then they never do.
  8. I trip when I tell one of my friends something in secret, and they tell someone else. Then, I end up hearing what I told them not to tell anyone. The only thing is it’s not the way I told the story. So then, I confront the person I told, and they act like I’m stupid, and so I get silly. This is one of the reasons I don’t like anybody, and nobody likes me. I’m okay with it. 
  9. You’re the friend nobody likes. So, when it comes down to exchanging gifts, no one ever buys you anything. They said they weren’t exchanging gifts, but did you notice Kitty bought Sandy a bottle of her favorite high-end perfume?
  10. If you are always the one to call or come over, examine the friendship and pull back… all the way back. If I feel like my friends don’t care about me anymore, I’ll move on, and you should, too. 

You may need to find another group of friends if nobody likes you. This group is hurting you, and you deserve better than that. Relationships are always between two people. There will always be people like yourself, no matter how different or unique. You should never change yourself to fit into a group of people, nor should you lower your standards to become popular. You are who you are, and there’s a circle that’s not complete without you in it. So, find it and don’t let go.

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