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Who hasn’t fallen in love at least once in their lifetime? I think I have, but I know most of America and beyond know what love is. But some people haven’t the slightest clue about the subject and couldn’t tell you the signs you’re falling in love with someone else. If you’re one of the millions of people who know the difference between love and lust, you know love is unique and satisfying. It’s one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. But then lust can give you a sense of euphoria, too. 

I remember a few of the physical signs of love like it was 40 years ago. You thought I was going to say yesterday, but that’s a lie. I do remember having butterflies in my stomach though. It felt sorta like a baby inside when the fetus touched your tummy for the first time.

Oh, but we are talking about the signs, okay, here we go; the heartbeats were so profound I thought everyone around could hear them. If not then, I was smiling all of the time and seemingly, for no reason at all. But the most embarrassing sign was underarm sweat. 

Now, once you’ve been in love, you can relate to others in the same situation and can even explain the signs you’re falling in love with someone else. Until then, you can only guess what the love signs are. When the bug hits you, you’ll find you replay little things over in your head.

It could be something simple like tilting the head, the way they walk, or the way the eyebrow wrinkles when they are trying to express themselves. It could be that and so much more. But if you’re still not sure, don’t you worry. We’re going over more ways to know you’re falling in love with him or her. 

Signs You’re Madly in Love 

The Best Part

When the best part of your day is with your partner, consider this one of the many warning signs you’re falling love, my friend. Not only that, but you never get tired of being around them. Time flies when you’re together. Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, the founder of LoveVictory.com and psychotherapist, says although your body is doing all kinds of things on the inside, you appear calm when you’re in love. “You are no longer jumping over the waves, but instead, you are wading and floating in a peaceful pool.”

Trust Comes Easy

Want to know the signs a man loves you deeply? It starts with trust. When he confides in you, you had better know he trusts and respects your opinion. This is how you know a man genuinely loves someone because, for men, trust is not as natural as it is for women. 

Your Partner is Your Best Friend

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend are besties. However, it doesn’t change the close friendships you have with your girlfriends. You still have close relationships with others, but your mate is ultimately your BFF. 

9 Warning Signs You’re Falling in Love couple kissing by window pic by andrea piacquadio
When you feels as though you’re falling in love, it’s a wonderful feeling, almost magical. The world is alright with you. Enjoy the natural high. Pic by Andrea Piacquadio.

Signs You’re Falling in Love – They Are First on Your Mind

When you open your eyes in the mornings, your love is automatically the first person who comes to mind. He’ll text or call you as soon as he wakes up. So if you need signs he loves you without saying it, this is it. 

You are also the last person in his head, the one he calls during the day to share the good news with, and the one he blows off steam with. 

You Appreciate the Small Things

In some cases, size does not matter. Small things can be more meaningful than the elaborate gestures. Stop and smell the roses, even bring a few flowers home with you just because you love her or him. Remember, hugs are highly significant to people overall, so make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend gets their share of feels.

Putting Their Needs First

How do you know when you’re in love with him? You’ll know because you’ll put him first. Love is never selfish. When you’re in love, you will do things for that person to make them happy. 

They Make You Better

How does a man act when he’s falling in love? When you’re with the right person, you want to do better, and therefore, you make strides to become a healthier person without the other person asking you. “Your complementary styles teach each other how to improve, and you learn from each other,” says Dr. Wish.

You Think About the Future

Two of the signs a man is falling in love with you is when he respects you and makes a commitment. When you’re bound to one another, you can see and plan for a future together. “Healthy, lasting love finds its own’ cruising gear’ where you feel fulfilled, happy, positive, and sure of your choice of partner,” Dr. Wish said. 

Signs You’re Falling in Love, Arguments, and Forgiveness

I’ve seen a few relationships in which the couples are comfortable and happy together. In other words, these relationships run like a well-oiled sewing machine. You know the couples who finish each other’s sentences and one partner knows what the other one wants before they do. It’s not because the relationship is boring or predictable, but they know their partner’s needs. 

They have put their partner first often enough, and it becomes second nature to them. The cases are few and far between, but healthy relationships do exist. The keys, however, are to communicate and forgive. Forgive as soon as you can and if possible, don’t go to bed angry. 

Now that you know the signs you’re falling in love, how do you know if somebody loves you? Well, here are 4 signs that a man loves you back: 

  1. Look in their eyes and see it. Their eyes light up.
  2. They seem calm around you, but excited to see you. 
  3. If you call, they are there for you. 
  4. This person will also do whatever it takes to make the relationship work, but most of the time, you won’t have to struggle. The relationship fits.

And there it is, my friends; the signs you’re falling in love. So, tell me, are you in love? I hope that someone loves you in return cause it sucks being in love alone.


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