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Many High School Relationships Last But Not All of Them

When you talk about relationships, people get tense. Many of us want a fairy tale relationship, especially those of us who are high school sweethearts. But really, how many high school relationships last? Some of us don’t take high school years seriously, and with that said, this is one reason why high school relationships don’t last. Few students think about getting married at that age anyway.

 I look at my friends who got together during high school, and half of the couples are still together. These numbers should give hope to anyone who needs a commitment so young. If you’re interested in finding out if high school relationships last into marriage, talk to couples in your family, neighborhood, and even your friend’s parents who’ve been together for a while. Other than that, I suggest reading more about high school relationships. 

The Ugly Truth About High School Relationships

How happy you two grow to depend on many factors. First of all, you must know the difference between love and lust. Love gives you a sense of security and calmness, while lust is unstable. It gives you the feeling you are in love, so it’s easily mistaken for the emotion.

black love couple in park she is on his back to back
You can’t build a stable relationship on the back of a rocky foundation. Be careful from where you draw your strength from. 

Nonetheless, you can’t build a stable relationship with sexual desires. Initially, it would be best if you had a level of compatibility to build on. Common characteristics are highly crucial to a lasting relationship, and so is attraction, but it needs more. 

Despite the negatives aspects of high school relationships, there are just as many positives. Relationships fail because we often fall out of love and don’t want to grow a relationship further. If not for that reason, then mostly because it was “just” a high school romance. The guy sometimes realizes she’s not as magnificent as he thought she was, and the girl wakes up feeling the same thing; he’s not all that after all. 

Not a lot of Choices in High School 

When you’re young and can’t get out to explore, your choices for a mate or date are limited to your surroundings. You spend most of your time in school, so it only makes sense you’d get to know someone there. But when you’re able to mingle outside of the classroom, you may attract different kinds of people and consider dating others. Or you may choose not to date seriously until later on in life, which can be a smart move. 

Prom Night vs. “The Night”

Most teens lose their virginity while still in high school, and some look forward to prom night for that same reason. On the other hand, some students are afraid of going to the prom because they are not ready to meet the night’s expectations.

The truth is the first time isn’t what you think or what your friends tell you it is. However, it should be with someone who cares about you and not because of some silly tradition. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway. Don’t let your peers, television, or lyrics to a song determine the night you become a “woman” or “man.” Oh, and by the way, having sex doesn’t make you a woman or man. 

Let’s Talk About Sex

Peer pressure can be a mother for ya’. Many people get into trouble because they follow their friend’s high school dating rules. They want to do what the next guy is doing, and there’s nothing wrong with fitting in if that’s who you are, but here’s the kicker: who knows who they are in high school? Seriously, you have just figured out geometry, there’s no way you understand who you are, the person sitting next to you, and how to make a high school relationship last through college.

If half of your friends are saying they are sexually active in high school and are skilled, you should change your circle of friends. Period. Intimacy shouldn’t be this casual. I want to think half of your friends are fronting. It would help if you were planning for your future and establishing a long list of colleges to choose from, not contemplating buying pregnancy tests or at-home STD exams.

How Long is the Average High School Relationship? 

Marriage is a serious commitment. Be slow to jump the broom. If you get married right after high school, the chances of your marriage lasting ten years are pretty good; a little more than 50%. Be that as it may, there is only a small percentage of marriages that began as high school sweethearts in North America. While high school relationships that last go strong for years, they don’t always last forever. 

There’s something to be said for marriages of 60+ years, but those people had the stick-to-it-ness to stay together. These relationships teach life lessons you may take with you into married life. It would help if you had mature mindsets and specific goals to take a spouse. Do you? Does the person you plan to marry? Are they your ride or die? Will they remain loyal through sickness, addictions, bankruptcies, infidelities, and step-children? However, you haven’t figured you out yet, and there’s no way you know how to make a high school relationship last forever. 

What are High School Relationships Like?

Young love is beautiful. It’s the best way I know to describe something as pure and enthusiastic as that feeling. You’re so excited about the future and the person who’s going through it with you. Not many high school relationships last for a lifetime, but you’re willing to try.

But the older you get, the more your priorities shift. If you’ve made the right choice in a partner, they will grow with you. Compatibility is highly essential to a lasting relationship, but so is trust, respect, and of course, love. What happens when you fall out of love? Sometimes you fall back in love. Other times, you don’t. But there’s no crystal ball to tell you if that’s your case. Do the best you can to make it last forever and not to be a part of high school relationships stats.


Anthony Ferrell Nashville, TN, USA

“Black Luv was a story project I created to highlight the different levels of love from my perspective as an African American. Highlighting emotions of love, lust, strength, frustration, despair, and resentment.” Anthony Ferrell

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