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About a year ago, my roadies and I decided to take another trip together. We worked out the details over hundreds of text messages and video calls and finally settled on a Bucket List destination. But then it happened, and we won’t be seeing any welcoming faces at the airport right now. Our travel plans canceled again. 

With COVID-19 being our current situation, traveling is off the table until further notice. Travel agents canceled flights, and our dream destination issued a US travel ban. The authorities issued coronavirus travel restrictions for everyone who’s not essential. Still, I have to wonder, should you cancel travel plans or postpone them? 

I think most travel buffs are as bummed out as we must rethink travel plan tours. For me, travel is about art and culture, although the journey is invaluable. A few of the girls travel because they find out something new about themselves on each trip or something specific happens that changes their lives. Whatever our reasons are, we all agree we need these trips to get away and relax. Besides that, traveling strengthens our friendships. 

“I need a vacation so long, I forget all my passwords!”

The plan was to forget about work, kids, and all the minor irritations that drive us to make insane travel plans. But this year, the coronavirus put the breaks on summer fun for millions of people. But I’m glad I wasn’t one of the hopeful brides and grooms who had to cancel or rearrange their weddings and honeymoons. Although we’d been anxious about this trip for what seems like an eternity, it’s nothing when you compare it to their frustrations.

Travel Insurance and Airline Tickets

Sadly, my hodophiles, we won’t see the sunset over Rainbow Mountain or any white sandy beaches soon. At least, we can get together for another girl’s trip and receive credit for the one we had to miss. What I’m most unhappy about is we must miss out on the all-inclusive reservations and VIP accommodations we had. 

A few months into lockdown, some businesses are reopening. Still, health experts are advising the public to stay current with the latest news and to avoid all nonessential travel, especially to China. If you are lucky enough to travel, prepare to stay longer. 

Health officials want to make sure travelers don’t have any coronavirus symptoms, so they mandate anyone to extend their stays for two weeks. Since you’re traveling, now is also an excellent time to make sure your travel insurance company still covers you. You don’t want to find out they have terminated your policy when it’s too late. Many agencies are canceling coverage until the pandemic is over, and who knows when will quarantine end in California.

Before I advise anyone to cancel your travel plans, find out how your travel company, hotel, and rental car agency are handling COVID-19 claims. Some of us used a travel agency, and in that case, all you would have to do is make one call. If your airlines canceled or postponed flights because of the pandemic, chances are we will get a full refund or receive compensation for expenses at a later date.

Cancel or Postpone Plane Tickets Round Trip?

Before postponing or canceling our travel plans, I have to chat with everyone in my group. We should be on the same page. If it’s all the same, I think we should postpone the trip. This way, we’re still committed to going. Also, the money stays with the company, so they don’t lose more revenue when everyone’s financial situation is unstable.

We all travel for different reasons, but we should cancel or postpone nonessential travel. The most important person in your life should be you. If you were taking this vaca because you need a refresher, postpone it rather than canceling it. You must take care of yourself. In the meantime, find positive ways to keep occupied and entertained in your castle.

If you go against every warning from the CDC travel advisory and travel anyway, I suggest using the COVID-19 tracker, reading the fine print on your tickets, and talking to an actual person when you plan a trip. Understand what you agree to instead of traveling, canceling travel plans vs. postponing them. The best thing I can see about traveling is you fly for less now. 

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