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Are you going through a rough patch with your significant other? I mean, who isn’t lately? One suggestion the experts say to try is to start dating again. You say how when you’re under quarantine? 

Well, I have some cool stay at home date ideas for couples if you want to check them out. The best thing about them is they don’t cost a lot of money, but they could make a world of difference in your current relationship. 

Staying at home when it’s your choice is different than being forced to stay at home. When you live with someone in close quarters, or when you are far apart, it can cause problems in the relationship. You don’t have to be a relationship expert to figure this out. These are the times when you have to put in work to keep the home fires burning. 

Cheap Date Night Ideas at Home 

Put something on the stove or in the oven together. Try a new recipe from a different country if you’re brave enough. If you’re miles away, Google Duo, WhatsApp or Skype with each other and make the same meal and enjoy dinner together.  

See who’s the better cook. Have a cook-off using the same menu and ingredients. Do a food tasting contest and have your friends be the judge. 

Party Games Married Couples 

The Newlywed Game is one of my favorite fun games for couples to play at home. See how much you have learned about each other over the years. The popular game show is now a game you can play at home. Skype your friends for more enjoyment and some friendly rivalry. 

Invite other couples to join you on Facebook Chat or Facetime for social hour, or concert night featuring your favorite artists. Bring your own bottles, blankets, and pillows. Change the game with a karaoke or spoken word contest. Make it interesting and rewrite the words to the songs.

Do you like camping, s’mores, or a weenie roast? All those things make for a great time. Build a fire in the living room or backyard and pitch a tent. Lay on your back and count your lucky stars. Want to do something a little more modern and romantic? How about an indoor picnic at night? 

Stay-At-Home Date Ideas for Couples black couple playing video game
Video games are clearly not for kids only. Adults enjoy an occasional friendly game of Powerstar Golf. 

Pick a theme, pop some popcorn, and have a movie night in the backyard. Plug the projector up so you’ll feel like you’re at the drive-in or theater. If you’re not in the mood for movies, watch a rerun of a popular sporting event or play games on the Xbox. Fill the tub or bar with snacks and drinks and have fun! You can do these lazy date ideas at home.

This game isn’t exactly one of the most romantic games for couples, but strip poker is the most revealing. Let’s put a spin on the game and add some color. Body painting is a lot of fun and it means you have to touch your partner. Of the date night games for couples, I think men like this one best.

Romantic Evening Ideas at Home

When it comes to romantic evening ideas at home, you have to go the whole nine yards. This idea includes dressing up, pulling out the best dinnerware, gourmet menus, linen table cloths, candles, and soothing music. Don’t be ashamed to dance. When you’re dancing, you’re holding each other close. 

Write to each other hot and steamy messages to form a short love story or poem. Let him write a paragraph and you take up where he left off and keep it going until you finish the story. This is one of my personal quarantine date ideas. I keep the stories in a safe place and every once in a blue moon, I take them out and read them again. One day, I’m going to write a romance novel. 

Nothing is sexier than an accent. Learn how to speak another language and woo your partner by whispering sweet and dirty things to them. Yes, indeed. It’s just one of those things for couples to do at home when bored. 

So far, are you enjoying the stay at home date ideas for couples? I hope so, what do you think about a spa day? I think we all are in need of some R and R. So, I suggest we do facials, hand massages, bubble baths with aromatherapy, and light some scented candles. Want to take it up a notch? YouTube how to properly give a relaxing full body massage. 

No man said no to a lingerie show ever and women wait forever for their men to give them one. Go all the way with costume changes, music, and spirits. Have your partner take pictures so you can go over them later. 

Do you have any stay at home date ideas for couples? I hope you’re putting them to good use and praying we won’t have to practice “social distancing” much longer. Good luck and have fun, y’all! 

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